26 One-Sentence Sex Stories That Show How Women Want To Be Touched

Twenty20, tailoredphoto
Twenty20, tailoredphoto

1. He reached a hand under my skirt and played with my clit while everyone else on the train went about their business, oblivious to the tiny moans that slipped from my lips as I threw my head back in orgasm.

2. I could feel his cock pulsing between my lips as the sweet taste of semen dripped down my throat.

3. I dug my nails into his skin until I could smell the faint scent of blood mingling in the air with our carnal sweat.

4. He threw me up against the wall, mouth skating over my neck, teeth biting into my lip, and fingers sliding into my pussy.

5. He tore off his tie and used it as a blindfold, so I was unable to see his hands slip off my underwear or his tongue inch toward my clit.

6. He stuck an ice cube in his mouth, let it dissolve against his tongue, and then used that tongue to make intensely chilling circles around my clit.

7. He hugged me from behind, one hand reaching under my shirt to fondle my tits and the other hand reaching under my skirt to play with my pussy.

8. The handcuffs closed against my wrist as his mouth closed around my nipple.

9. He fucked me up against the window, my ass pressed against the glass, and whispered about how he hoped the neighbors were watching every second of it.

10. I asked him how close he was to orgasming, but he was so entranced by my warm pussy and my bouncing tits that moaning was the only answer he could give me.

11. I straddled him as we kissed, and I could feel him getting harder through his jeans, wordlessly telling me I was hot as all hell.

12. He thrust into me as he rubbed the vibrator against my clit, intent on making me come before he had the chance to.

13. His thick hands massaged my back and his thin lips pressed against my neck, delivering a sweet sensation that not even an orgasm could match.

14. He led me into a bathroom stall, dropped to his knees, and stuck his head up my skirt to eat me out while people bustled all around us.

15. He had his head in between my legs, tongue running circles around my clit, and when I let out a long moan, I could feel him smile against my pussy.

16. As we spooned, I could feel his dick harden against my wiggling ass, and I knew it would only be a matter of time until we were both out of our clothes again.

17. He surprised me by showing up at my office, climbing beneath my desk, and making me come with his tongue before my boss had the chance to walk in and fire both of our asses.

18. He played with my hair as his dick slid back and forth against my clit, but as soon as he pushed it inside of me, he yanked my hair and took total control of me.

19. He bent me over the couch, my head against the cushions and my ass up in the air, so he could thrust into me and spank me at the same time.

20. His bright blue eyes flicked up to meet mine while his tongue ran up and down my clit, making sure I was enjoying the moment as much as he was.

21. He tied me to the bed, so I was unable to push his head away after he made me orgasm against his lips.

22He picked me up at 2AM, drove me around town while blasting our favorite tunes, and then pulled over to fuck me on the hood of his car while staring up at the stars.

23. He whispered lines from his favorite poem against my hair as he fucked me against our bookshelf, filled with novels we’d read on rainy days.

24. He woke me up with oral beneath the sheets and a tray of breakfast on the nightstand.

25. His hands dug into my hips, leaving bruises shaped like fingerprints, but that was nothing compared to the marks he left on my heart.

26. While he slid his cock in and out of me, he moaned about how much he loved me, and once it was all over and our naked bodies were cuddling beneath the sheets, he whispered the words again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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