25 Times When She’s Dying To Have Sex With You, But You Don’t Even Realize It

1. When you remove your sweatshirt and your actual shirt comes up with it, exposing your abs.

2. When you do anything that gives you a “bad boy” vibe, like ride on a motorcycle or wear your leather jacket.

3. When you do something helpful around the house when she’s not expecting it, like wash the dishes or vacuum the floors.

4. When you go out to dinner with her parents, and she can tell you’re charming the pants off of them.

5. When you make a random baby at the supermarket laugh, because you’re skilled with small children.

6. When you offer to give her a massage after she comes home from a long, hard day at work.

7. When you hug her from behind while wearing that cologne that she’s completely obsessed with.

8. When you sing along to a super sweet song in the car, and she feels like you’re serenading her.

9. When you get back from the gym and your muscles are glistening with sweat.

10. When you bring home with the right brand of shampoo or an extra box of tampons, even though she didn’t ask for them.

11. When you’re fooling around with your guitar or are sitting in front of a piano.

12. When you use a six-syllable word or say something incredibly intelligent out of the blue.

13. When you bring her breakfast in bed on an ordinary day, just because you feel like she deserves a special treat.

14. When you end up covered in grease from working on the car, and then take a shower that results in you walking out of the bathroom with a small towel draped around your waist.

15. When you have to attend a wedding or an important interview, so you slip into the fancy suit and tie she rarely gets to see you in.

16. When you wear a button down shirt and then roll up your sleeves, so that the muscles in your arms are on full display.

17. When you look at her in “that” way, wordlessly letting her know that she’s the hottest girl in the room and you can’t believe you’re lucky enough to have her.

18. When you lift her into your arms and carry her around the house bridal-style.

19. When you offer her your jacket before she even tells you that she’s cold, because you noticed that she was shivering.

20. When you do something so entertaining that she falls into a laughing fit. Funny is the new sexy.

21. When you’re lounging on the couch with her, absentmindedly stroking her hair and running your hands along her skin.

22. When she overhears you bragging about her to your friends, because you honestly believe that she’s the best girlfriend you could ever have.

23. When you’re the one to come up with a fun date idea, so that she can sit back and relax without having to worry about any of the planning.

24. When you mention a small detail about something she was wearing years ago, and she realizes that you genuinly give a shit about her.

25. When you whisper, “I love you” into her hair while you’re cuddling in bed, and she can tell how much you mean those three little words. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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