25 Times When He’s Dying To Have Sex With You, But You Don’t Even Realize It

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1. During halftime of the big game that you’ve actually agreed to watch with him.

2. When he sees you walking around in the dress that you wore the last time you two had insanely wild sex.

3. When he sees your lingerie laying around the house, and imagines what you’d look like with it on.

4. When he catches you bending over and he gets a glimpse of your thong peeking out from your jeans.

5. When you get out of the shower and are walking around with only a towel on.

6. When you send him a random selfie that was meant to look silly, but he actually finds it sexy as fuck.

7. When he watches you change out of your pajamas and into your outfit for the day.

8. When you’re cuddling in bed and your perfect ass is pressed up against his dick.

9. When you play a video game with him and you end up getting super into it.

10. When you’re sitting on opposite end of the couch, reading, and he can tell how intensely you’re focused in on what you’re reading.

11. When you’re shivering cold, and he’s able to see your hard nipples through your shirt.

12. When you kiss him just a little too deeply for a little too long in public, and he starts thinking about all of the dirty things that he could do to you in front of a crowd.

13. When you’re in the middle of a fight, so he has to refrain from telling you how fucking sexy you look when you’re yelling at him.

14. When you’re watching a movie on Netflix and the couple kisses onscreen, and he starts thinking about how much he wishes he was kissing you.

15. When he catches you masturbating, and wonders if he can make you orgasm harder than you can make yourself orgasm.

16. When he wakes up next to you with morning wood, because he had a sexy dream about all of the things he wants to do to you.

17. When he catches you doing something extra cute, like getting all excited while playing with your puppy.

18. When you’re dancing around, even as a joke, and he gets lost in thoughts about how well you’re able to move your hips.

19. When you tell a sexual joke, and then he can’t get his mind off of fucking you, no matter how hard he tries.

20. When you’re resting your head on his lap while watching Netflix, and he realizes just how close your mouth is to his dick.

21. When you tell him you love him, and he realizes that there’s no way that you could ever love him more than he loves you.

22. When you cook him the most delicious meal he’s ever eaten in his life.

23. When you do something sweet, like wash the dishes when it’s his turn, and all he wants to do is thank you for being the best girlfriend in the world.

24. When you tell a story that you’re super excited about, and it reminds him of how much he loves your passionate side.

25. When you’re out on a fun date together, having the time of your life, and he realizes how damn luck he is to be with a girl like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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