25 Firsts You’ll Experience Once You Find Your ‘Forever Person’

Twenty20, meganganey
Twenty20, meganganey

1. The first time you have a huge fight, but you aren’t worried about getting broken up with, because you know your relationship is meant to last.

2. The first time you sleep over their house, and don’t feel the need to rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth the moment your eyes pop open, because you’re comfortable kissing them with morning breath.

3. The first time you talk about where you want to live in the future or how many kids you want to have, and you realize that the conversation isn’t hypothetical, and that these things will really happen.

4. The first time you refer to their parents as your in-laws, or even as “mom” and “dad,” because you know you’re going to marry their son or daughter one day.

5. The first time you start referring to their pets as your children.

6. The first time you go to the store to buy something “boring” together, like a crock pot or new curtains, and actually have fun doing it.

7. The first time you forget your phone charger at their house, but it doesn’t matter, because you’ll be back over there before the battery runs out anyway.

8. The first time you take a photograph together, and instead of posting it on Instagram, you actually frame it and hang it up on the wall.

9. The first time you drive their car without feeling the need to ask for permission, because what’s theirs is yours and what’s yours is theirs.

10. The first time you casually mention what type of music you want played at your wedding, and your partner doesn’t even flinch, because marrying you is part of the plan, even if you two have never officially discussed it yet.

11. The first time you actually “make love” instead of fuck.

12. The first time you give them an expensive gift, because you don’t mind wasting your entire month’s paycheck on them, as long as it’ll put a smile on their pretty face.

13. The first time you flip out when your friend says something slightly negative about your partner, even though you were always open to criticism back when you were dating your exes.

14. The first time you sit down at a restaurant, and the servers know you by name, because you two eat there every other weekend.

15. The first time you have an entire conversation with them without saying a word, because they’re able to read your face.

16. The first time you cook a meal at their place, and don’t have to ask them where they store their pots and pans and spices, because you already know where everything is kept.

17. The first time you’re alone with their friends, and it doesn’t feel awkward at all, because you’ve actually become close with them.

18. The first time you accidentally leave the bathroom door open while you’re inside.

19. The first time you share your passwords to your phone, your Facebook, and your bank account.

20. The first time you order their drinks for them at a restaurant, because they always get the same thing, and you know the order by heart.

21. The first time you tell your friends, “We went to the beach this weekend,” and they don’t even question who “we” is.

22. The first time you go a week without sleeping together, and don’t even feel weird about it, because you know your relationship consists of more than just sex.

23. The first time you’re forced to spend a few nights apart, and you have trouble falling asleep without them next to you.

24. The first time you freak the fuck out when they’re late coming home, because you’re irrationally worried that they got into a car crash.

25. The first time you remind your partner of how much you love them, and you don’t get upset if they stay silent, because you know for a fact that they love you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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