20 Ways To Find A Hot Date That Don’t Involve Tinder

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1. Visit a bookshop. If someone attractive is browsing through your favorite genre, ask them what novel they recommend. Believe it or not, it’s the easiest place to strike up a conversation.

2. Use social media. Have you been mutually following someone sexy on Tumblr or Twitter for years? Send them a message and see if you’re compatible.

3. Ever heard of Periscope? It’s an app that allows you to watch live streams of strangers nearby. Find someone sexy in your town, chat with them, and then see if they’ll take you out on a date.

4. Visit conventions if you’re looking for someone as “geeky” as you are. Comic Con isn’t the only one in the world. There’s Walker Stalker Con for The Walking Dead fans. There’s Minecon for Minecraft fans. You can find something that fits your obsessions if you look hard enough.

5. Download dating apps that aren’t Tinder. Try Bumble if you’re interested in an app that restricts men from making the first move and encourages women to start the conversations.

6. Accept invitations to parties, even if someone you can’t stand is throwing it. That way, you’ll run into attractive friends of friends. One of them might be Mr. or Mrs. Right.

7. Keep an eye out for potential dates on the way to work. You probably don’t want to get involved with a coworker, but there’s nothing stopping you from dating the hottie you see on your train ride into the city each morning.

8. Do more of what you love. If you’re obsessed with a certain band, go to a concert and chat with strangers in the crowd. If you’re crazy about sports, go to a baseball game and talk to whoever ends up sitting next to you.

9. Get a gym membership. Not only will it help you get fit, but it could help you find love. All of the adrenaline pumping through your veins will give you the courage to walk up to the cutie that’s been eying you from the treadmill.

10. Take your pet on more walks or visit the dog park. When you have your furry friend with you, it’ll encourage sexy strangers to walk up to you. Besides, your dog deserves attention, so it’s not like you’ll be going out of your way.

11. Walk around campus. There are plenty of young, attractive people stuck in college. If you’re not currently in school, then take a trip to visit a friend who’s still working towards that diploma.

12. If you’re super excited about a certain movie release, then visit the theater for their midnight showing. You’ll find other fanatics on line, so you’ll have plenty to talk about.

13. Ask someone you trust to set you up on a blind date or to give you their hot friend’s number so you two can start texting. It might work out. You never know.

14. Talk to more people. Even if you aren’t interested in a certain classmate or coworker, they might invite you out for drinks with their (hot) friends at the end of the night.

15. Go dancing. Not everyone will have a partner, so when they scan the room for someone, they’ll find you.

16. Go to any bar that’s filled with people around your age. It’s an old fashioned idea, but doggone it, it works. Especially if you’re only looking for a hookup.

17. Find a place to sing Karaoke with your friends, so you can hop on stage and get the attention of everyone there. When they hear how good you sound (or see how good you look), the offers will come pouring in.

18. Attend as many weddings as you can. Love will be in the air, so it won’t be too hard for you to find someone to take home.

19. Volunteer at an animal shelter. You’ll meet people who are just as kind as you are, and you’ll get to help puppies in the process.

20. Go out more. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking through supermarket aisles or sitting alone at a cafe. The more you’re out and about, the more chances you’ll have to meet your soulmate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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