15 Tips For Having Steamy Shower Sex

Twenty20, santiago__cervantes
Twenty20, santiago__cervantes

1. Don’t forget the foreplay. The shower is the perfect place to tease your partner. Before you get down to business, ask them for help soaping up your body and shampooing your hair. Then let them see you run your own hands across your skin. It’ll drive them nuts.

2. Try placing your hands against the wall and letting your partner enter you from behind. Either that or get on all fours and do it doggie style. They’re the safest sex positions to use inside of the shower.

3. Use lube. If you thought that shower sex would make it easier for the P to slide into the V, you thought wrong. Vaginas dry out when water hits them, making sex incredibly uncomfortable, so that lube will help.

4. Before you even step into the tub, clear off the sides. If there’s an unnecessary amount of shampoo bottles and razors littering the edges, then toss them aside. You don’t want them to get in your way.

5. The water will probably only hit one of you at a time. So if you’re going to be giving oral, make sure your partner is the one getting drenched. You don’t want to choke on water while you’re trying to perform.

6. If you’re interested in anal, now is the time to try it. If things get messy, you won’t have to be embarrassed, because you’ll both be able to wash yourselves right off.

7. Invest in a shower mat. You don’t want to end up slipping and cracking your head open.

8. Before you hop in the shower, help each other get undressed. There’s nothing sexier than watching your partner’s eyes light up as they slowly lift your shirt over your head.

9. Buy waterproof sex toys. That way, you won’t have to rely on your mouth or your hands to do all of the work.

10. Buy a shower radio, so you can listen to romantic tunes while you thrust. Bonus: If you have roommates, then the songs will drown out the sounds of your moans.

11. Don’t attempt any crazy positions while you’re in the shower. Save that for later. There are plenty of ways for your partner to enter you that don’t involve lifting your legs up in the air. Keep both feet planted on the ground to avoid slipping.

12. Don’t rely on condoms. They won’t work all that great once they get wet, so if you’re worried about STDs or pregnancy, have another form of contraception handy.

13. Don’t forget to face them and cover them in kisses. It’ll feel like you’re making out in the rain. If you weren’t turned on beforehand, you will be after you have your Noah and Allie moment.

14. If you’re having a lot of trouble trying to reach orgasm without splitting your head open, then you don’t actually have to have sex in the shower. Use the shower as a form of foreplay, dry yourselves off, and then fuck in your bed.

15. Instead of taking a shower together, you can try taking a bath together, complete with wine and candles. That sounds much more romantic, doesn’t it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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