Why Dating Is The Hardest For Girls Who Don’t Give A Fuck

Admit it. Modern dating is complete bullshit. If you let it get to you, then you’re going to drive yourself crazy. That’s why it shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Of course, dating is still hard on girls who don’t give a fuck, and here’s why.

You don’t give a fuck about saying the “right” thing.

If your crush comes to work, looking hot as all hell, then you’ll pay him a compliment. But if he comes in the next day and acts like an asshole, then you’ll call him an asshole. You don’t care if it’s going to make him like you any less. You’re going to be honest. There’s no sense in lying.

You don’t give a fuck about building up a man’s ego.

You don’t exist in order to make a man feel better about himself. You’ll only give a guy a compliment if he deserves it. You’re not going to laugh at all of his lame jokes and tell him he looks hot when he didn’t even bother to brush his hair. You’d rather suck at flirting than lie to a guy you really like.

You don’t give a fuck about what you look like.

When you run into your crush at the store, you’re not going to look effortlessly gorgeous. You’re going to look like a hobo in your hoodie and fur-covered yoga pants. When you get into the mood to dress up, you end up looking like a complete goddess. But on most days, you just want to be comfortable.

You don’t give a fuck about being ladylike.

You’re not going to order a salad on the first date and let him pick up the check without offering to give him some of your money. You’re going to order a juicy steak that you’ll pay for yourself. And if you burp, he’s going to have to live with it. You’re not some plastic Barbie doll. You’re a human being.

You don’t give a fuck about getting laid.

Sure, it would be nice to feel a man thrusting on top of you, but your vibrator gets the job done. A man will never give you an orgasm as strong as the ones you’ve been giving yourself, so why go on a search for a boyfriend? You know how to take care of yourself.

You don’t give a fuck about dating rules. 

You’re not going to wait an hour to text a guy back. As soon as you read what he’s written and come up with a clever reply, you’re going to hit the “send” button. You don’t care if it makes you look desperate. If he loses interest in you, because you actually take the time out to talk to him, then he’s an idiot anyway.

You don’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion.

Some men get turned off when women go a day without shaving. Some men get turned off when women curse. Some men get turned off when women are too heavy or too skinny. But guess what? You don’t live to please men. You’re going to do what you want when you want. If a guy doesn’t like it, then he doesn’t have to look at you.

You don’t give a fuck about being single.

When your friends whine about getting ghosted, you don’t understand why they’re so upset. You’d love to be in a relationship one day, but right now, you’re loving the single life. Really, it’s much better than everyone else makes it out to be. You don’t have any complaints. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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