The Kind Of Sex That Turns You On, Based On Your ‘Type’ Of Man

You end up falling for the same type of guy again and again and again, because you have a particular taste. Or, more accurately, you have a particular fetish that you want fulfilled. Here’s the kind of sex that turns you on, based on your type of man.

The Romantic

You like being tossed around as much as the next girl, but you prefer sweet, gentle sex. The kind of sex where he looks you in the eyes and whispers about how much he loves you as he slowly rocks his hips back and forth. You want the act to feel as intimate as possible, because sex actually means something to you. You’re not interested in fucking someone sexy. You’d rather make love to your soulmate.

The Bad Boy

You get wet whenever you see a muscled man covered in tattoos riding a motorcycle. He’s so sexy that you don’t care what the hell he does to you. Pulls your hair? Comes on your face? Leaves bruises on your thighs? You’re open to all of that. In fact, the rougher, the better. You want to be completely dominated, because the harder he orgasms, the sexier you feel.

The Older Man

You’re sick of sleeping with men who fumble around for hours and still can’t find your clit. You’re sick of sex that lasts ten minutes and only feels good for two, too. You want to have the type of sex that actually makes you orgasm, and an older man knows how to do that. He has experience, which means he’s perfectly aware of where your clitoris, and even your G-spot, is located. He won’t stop thrusting until you have an intense orgasm, which means you’re never going to be bored in bed.

The Athlete

You like it when sex lasts long and is filled with surprises. That’s why you want a man with stamina, a man who will throw you into dozens of different positions in the course of one night. And, of course, you get incredibly turned on whenever you see a sculpted set of abs. The bigger a man’s muscles are, the stronger your orgasm is going to be. You like looking at eye candy. That’s not a crime.

The Man Who’s Already Taken

It’s not that you enjoy being a homewrecker. You just like forbidden fruit. In other words, you’re kinky as fuck. You like to do the things that other women would shutter at, like being penetrated by two men at once or pegging. There’s just something about being naughty that rubs you the right way. You can’t help it. The more society frowns upon an idea, the more it turns you on.

The Class Clown

Honestly, you don’t care if you orgasm every single time you have sex. You just want to enjoy yourself. That’s why you get turned on the most when you’re around your best friend, the guy who can make you smile wider than anyone else in the world. If your teeth bump together or if you let out a queef, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll laugh it off. In some strange way, the humor makes things hotter. You love knowing you’re with a guy who can make sex feel special, even without making you orgasm.

The Musician

You’re into guitar players, because you like men that are good with their hands and can keep a rhythm. That’s why you get turned on the most when a man makes you orgasm with his hands alone. After all, some men can’t even get you off with their dicks. Of course, you love the way he thrusts too, because he knows how to choose the right pace. Plus, he’s always going to have some romantic music playing in the background. Musicians know how to set the mood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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