Why Dating Absolutely Sucks For Sarcastic Girls

Twenty20, moniquewray
Twenty20, moniquewray

We’re fun, we’re flirty, and we’re feisty, but we still have troubling finding a date. It’s not our fault. Most people just don’t “get” our sense of humor. This is why dating absolutely sucks for sarcastic girls like us:

Texting makes our interactions extra hard. 

Most relationships nowadays start out over the phone, and that just doesn’t work for us. Half of the time, the words we’re writing are supposed to be read in a sarcastic tone–but how the hell is a stranger supposed to figure that out? He doesn’t really know us yet, so he has no idea if we’re joking about loving Justin Bieber or if we’re just pulling his chain. Unless we throw a silly looking emoji at the end of every sentence, it’s easy for boys to get confused about what the hell we’re trying to say.

We can come across as assholes.

If you don’t know us all that well, then it’s easy to mistake our jokes for insults. But in reality, we’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We just like to tease. It’s our way of telling you that we like you. Of course, it could also mean that we can’t stand you. We treat the people we love and the people we hate pretty similarly, which is why it’s hard for others to figure out where they stand with us.

We can’t have serious conversations.

It’s easy to get annoyed with us, because we don’t take anything seriously. If someone sits us down and asks us an important question, we’re going to make a joke before we give them their answer. It’s not that we’re trying to be disrespectful or inconsiderate. We’re just uncomfortable with emotions. That’s why we try to lighten the mood as much as we can to feel more at ease. But some people just don’t get that. They think we’re trying to act like smart asses.

No one believes us when we’re actually being serious.

Believe it or not, we’re capable of being sincere. The problem is that no one believes us when we pay them a genuine compliment. If we tell a guy we like his haircut, he’ll call us a bitch for making fun of him. But if we stuck with the sarcasm and told him it looked hideous, we’d still be called a bitch. We just can’t win.

Sometimes, we take things a little too far.

“If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” We live by that motto. That’s why we’ll joke about breakups. We’ll joke about drugs. We’ll joke about death. We do it to cover up our pain. To make our loved ones smile when they’re at a low point in their life. While that method works on some people, others aren’t happy with how carelessly we treat serious subjects. So if you’re a sensitive guy, and expect us to treat certain situations delicately, then we just can’t be together. It would never work out.

We cover up our feelings with humor.

No one really knows how we feel, because some days, we’ll make jokes about how badly we want to die. On other days, we’ll make jokes about how we’re the greatest human on the face of the planet. There’s truth hidden behind some of our jokes, but good luck figuring out which ones. We don’t really want the world to know how we feel. That’s why we’re so sarcastic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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