50 Ways To Look And Feel Sexier That Don’t Require A Shit Ton Of Work

Twenty20, sunkissedyogi
Twenty20, sunkissedyogi

1. Actually smile when you look at yourself in the mirror. If you’re glaring at yourself, of course you’re going to feel unattractive.

2. Wear heels, even if you’re already tall. It’ll make your breasts and your booty stick out more.

3. Put on that dress you wore the last time a sexy stranger hit on you. The memories will instantly boost your confidence.

4. Read an erotic novel. You’ll picture yourself as the main character and will feel like an absolute goddess.

5. Wear a push-up bra. Or at least head to the store and get fitted, so that you can choose a bra that’s right for you. Way too many women don’t realize they’re wearing the wrong size.

6. Keep your head up and your back straight. Good posture can make or break your appearance.

7. Masturbate. Just make sure you’re imagining yourself fucking a super hot celebrity while you’re doing it.

8. Exercise, even if that just means taking your dog for a walk or dancing around the house to your favorite song.

9. Eat a healthy meal, so you feel like you’re actually taking good care of your body.

10. Join a dating site. You don’t have to talk to anyone. Just seeing how many matches you get will make you feel amazing.

11. Wear matching underwear. For some unknown reason, it’ll make you feel powerful.

12. Even better, walk around without any underwear on. It’ll be your sexy little secret.

13. Listen to an empowering song that’ll remind you of your beauty.

14. Get your eyebrows done at the salon. The right brows can change your entire face.

15. Look through your phone and admire the gorgeous selfies you took a few weeks back.

16. Do something that you’re good at, whether it’s singing or writing or cooking.

17. Flirt. When men flirt back with you, you’ll realize what a catch you really are.

18. Buy a vibrator. The new sensation will make you feel sexy.

19. Learn to dance. If you move your hips in the right way, you’ll be able to turn any man on.

20. Buy lingerie, even if you don’t have anyone to wear it in front of.

21. Walk around the house naked. It’ll help you learn to embrace the body you were born with.

22. Get your beauty rest. If you’re tired and cranky with dark circles under your eyes, you’re never going to feel sexy.

23. Rub lotion all over your body, so your skin feels extra soft. The more touchable it looks, the more confident you’ll feel.

24. Stop looking at other women as your competition and start looking at them as your friends.

25. Fake it until you make it. Do you think Jennifer Aniston is the sexiest woman alive? Then walk around pretending to be her until you realize you’re just as sexy as she is.

26. Show off your best feature. Love your eyes? Put on makeup that’ll draw attention to them.

27. Hide your “worst” feature. Hate your ears? Wear your hair in a style that won’t draw attention to them.

28. Take nude pictures of yourself, so you can see your gorgeous body from new angles. If you have a boyfriend, send him those pics and wait for the compliments to roll in.

29. Walk up to a hot guy and introduce yourself. Even better, ask him out on a date. If you pretend you’re confident, you’ll eventually end up feeling confident.

30. Wear more lace, silk, and satin. They’re the sexiest fabrics out there.

31. Take a trip to the spa. After getting a facial and a massage, you’ll feel like the most beautiful woman alive.

32. If you don’t have enough money for a spa day, at least paint your nails and toenails. Something small can cause a huge difference in your mood.

33. Make a change to your appearance. Dye your hair, cut it, or at least part it in a different direction than usual.

34. Splurge on a better razor. The softer your skin is, the sexier you’ll feel.

35. Promise yourself you won’t criticize your looks when you glance in the mirror. You don’t deserve it.

36. Spray on a flirty perfume. The better you smell, the better you’ll feel.

37. Spend more time with your pet. Animals will make you feel loved when you’re at your loneliest.

38. Get tipsy. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of liquid confidence.

39. Show a little more skin than you usually do. Let everyone see your assets.

40. Keep the lights on when you have sex, so you can see how much your body turns your partner on.

41. Watch porn and imagine yourself as the woman starring in the video.

42. Wear red lipstick or at least slip into a red shirt. There’s something sexy about the shade.

43. Kill it at your job. Money isn’t everything, but it can certainly boost your confidence.

44. Compliment others. When you make them feel good, you’ll end up feeling good about yourself, too.

45. Show off your back and shoulders. It’s just as sexy as showing off your cleavage.

46. Take a bubble bath. Make sure you put relaxing music on in the background. You might even want to light some candles.

47. Wear yoga pants. Not only are they comfortable, but they make your ass look amazing.

48. Have sex. Giving or receiving an orgasm will always boost your confidence.

49. Leave behind all of the “friends” that make you feel shitty about yourself. You don’t need their pessimism in your life.

50. Remember that sexiness isn’t only about the way that you look. It’s about the way that you act and the way that you feel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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