33 Spicy-Hot Foreplay Moves That Are Guaranteed To Get Her Wet


1. Hug her from behind. Then lower one hand to play with her pussy.

2. Slip into the suit you usually reserve for weddings or that uniform you used to wear when you were in the Navy.

3. Reach up and play with her nipples while your tongue runs circles on her clit.

4. Whisper naughty things into her ear while you cuddle in bed.

5. Give her a back massage, complete with oils and candle wax.

6. Kiss her neck. Lick her neck. Bite her neck. Whatever you do, don’t ignore that neck.

7. Rub your dick against her clit while you kiss, without actually entering her yet.

8. Help her get undressed, but take your time, so you’re able to admire the lacy underwear she bought just for you.

9. Sext her. Skip the dick pics. Send her saucy messages about how badly you want her body, instead.

10. When you go out to eat, run your hand up her thigh from underneath the table.

11. Kiss her hand. Then run your tongue around it in circles in the same way you’d eat her out. She’ll be dying for oral after.

12. Watch porn together and then try to reenact the scenes.

13. Bake her dessert, dip your fingers into the whipped cream on top of it, and then let her suck it off of you.

14. Break out the vibrator. Like it or not, sex toys can make her feel sensations your penis never could.

15. Make out with her for ten minutes longer than usual.

16. Moan when she touches you. Even better, moan out her name.

17. Remove your tie, wrap it around her eyes as a blindfold, and then start kissing her in surprising places.

18. Tell her how sexy she is. In detail. The more beautiful you make her feel, the better.

19. Play with her hair while you kiss. When the kissing gets more intense, pull her hair, instead.

20. Undress in front of her. You can even put on some music and give her a Magic Mike styled strip tease.

21. Take a bath together. Help her wash her hair, then her stomach, then her breasts.

22. Take off one piece of her clothing, and make out with her. Take off another piece of her clothing, and make out with her. Repeat.

23. Suck on an ice cube and then suck on her clit.

24. Buy an adult board game and perform whatever act it asks you to do. No exceptions.

25. Kiss areas of her body you usually ignore, like up her arms and down her legs.

26. Ask her what she wants you to do to her, and then do it.

27. Pretend you’re strangers that are aiming to have a one-night stand with each other.

28. Grab her ass in public. Kiss her when no one is watching. Make it so she’s dying to get back home, alone, with you.

29. Instead of writing her a love letter, write her an erotic letter and leave it on her nightstand.

30. Playfully pull away when she goes in for a kiss. Make her wait for it.

31Walk around in the boxers you know she loves, so she can see your erection.

32. Rub your fingers against her clit while you watch TV, but don’t have sex until the movie is officially over.

33. Put on “your song” and then dance around the living room with her. Romance is the new sexy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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