29 Abnormal Stories That’ll Scare You Away From Any And All Social Interaction

If you search through Reddit, then you might find stories that you will wish you’ve never heard. After all, you don’t want to know what some people are capable of. But if you’re curious, here are a few terrifying stories.

26. My profile picture was changed to a creepy face

I was at home one day with a good friend of mine. Then we had decided to go to the corner store to buy some beer and pick up some food. So I set the home alarm and lock the door. My friend had left his laptop on my kitchen table with his Facebook page open. After about 30 minutes we returned home, I unlocked the door turned off the alarm and he sat on the kitchen table to check his laptop, he noticed his Facebook profile picture was changed to a a scary looking burned out homeless man with my kitchen in the background. We both instantly freaked out. I went to my gun safe and grabbed my pistol and scoped out every room, closet, under every bed and behind all bathroom curtains. The weird part was the alarm was never set off. And no one was ever in the house. Let’s say we decided not to drink that day and proceeded to be paranoid the whole night.

27. A figure watched me from the shower

When I was 16 me and some friends went to King’s Island (amusement park), and we camped at a campground nearby since it was a few hours away. We had Arby’s for dinner and I woke up at 3am with massive stomach cramps and had to shit real bad. I walked to the bathroom through the dark woods which was about 6-7 minutes away and proceeded with my business. About 1 minute in I noticed someone was in the shower, but I didn’t think anything of it. Keep in mind I could see their feet as well as their silhouette through the curtain, and they were only a few feet away from me. Fastforward 5 minutes and the person still hasn’t moved at all. I ended up taking about 15 more minutes to complete my bathroom delivery and the person did not move at all the whole time, they just fucking stood there for 20 minutes straight. Nothing ever happened, I just left and went back to sleep.

28. A white van pulled up next to me

When I was 10 a van sat in my driveway for about 5 minutes while I was outside playing with friends, less than a week later I was outside playing with friends and the same van drove past my house at least 5 times in less than 20 minutes. A week or so later I was riding my bike with a friend and the van drove past us turned around and pulled over in front of us and the doors opened, we both took off and I’d never pedaled so hard, I didn’t look back but when we got to my house the van slowly started driving away. I didn’t go outside for a while after that.

29. A car followed me at 2AM

A few years ago, I was driving back from a concert in Raleigh, NC. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep in my car for a bit, but I had work the next morning, so I started the three-hour drive.

I eventually take a wrong turn and make a u-turn. I look down at my fuel gauge, seeing that I had about one-eighth of a tank of gas left. As I look up, I see in my rear-view mirror that another car did the same. That’s not that weird…but at 2 AM with hardly any other drivers on the road, it was unsettling.

After 20 minutes of this driver following me behind, I decided to pull over and let him pass me. However, the car didn’t pass me. Instead, as I’m waiting, he enters into the same parking lot I’m in and parks in front of me, his car’s headlights shining in my face.

We sit their for two minutes before I decide to get out of that future murder scene. I hit the gas and get back on the highway, with the other driver doing the same. Now, I’m normally not prone to speeding, but I’m at least 20 MPH over the speed limit at this point. Keep in mind I’m low on gas and the other driver is keeping up.

Eventually he slows down and when I come down a long hill and don’t see his headlights for a few moments, I slide into a backroad. Thankfully, no headlights followed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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