29 Abnormal Stories That’ll Scare You Away From Any And All Social Interaction

If you search through Reddit, then you might find stories that you will wish you’ve never heard. After all, you don’t want to know what some people are capable of. But if you’re curious, here are a few terrifying stories.

17. I was stalked during a hike

While backpacking in the White Mountains I was hiking up Tuck’s Trail headed to the caretakers cabin for the night. All the way up as I hiked I could hear something in the woods 20 yard out following me. When I stopped hiking it would stop moving. When I continued on it would continue following.

I didn’t say anything because I thought it was just in my head that first time. Then each time doing he same hike at night I’d have the same thing happen. So freaked out I barely wanted to do the hike anymore. Finally I asked the caretaker if they had the same experience. Simple solution… it was a fox he says keeping an eye on me because there is a fox den near by. He asks “why what did you think”? I say “a monster or something”. He laughed and said he had the same experience for a few weeks.

OK maybe not the most creepiest story, but at the time being alone in the white mountains under only moon light it made me hike faster then I ever have before.

18. A ghost shoved me

I don’t tell people this in real life because they would rightfully not believe me but I used to work at a fast food place as a closer and had a couple of really strange things happen to me. One night me and the girl closing with me were finishing up and I was wiping a counter when she comes up behind me and shoved me hard into the counter. I had a bruise on my hip from it. So I turn around and yell, “what the hell?” only to see no one there. Then from the other side of the store I hear her call out “what happened?”

I don’t really believe in paranormal stuff but I really have no way to explain what happened that night. There’s no way she could have pushed me like that and then run to the other side of the store without me seeing her. It’s been years since that happened and I wonder if I’ve started to exaggerate the story in my mind but it’s not like I completely made it up. That’s not the only creepy thing that’s happened there but it’s the only one that I can’t blame on some weird noises or an overactive imagination.

19. We found footprints in the attic

Met some guys in my freshman year of college. We all ended up being really close, so I spent a lot of time at the house they rented. It was a really old house, naturally creepy, strange noises, so on and so forth.

So they had gone up to the attic when they first moved there to store a mattress that was left behind by the last tenant. Nothing out of the ordinary. There was an old rolled up rug, some picture frames, and the newly stored mattress.

One night we were all talking about throwing a party at their house. They recently had an older (35-ish, so older to us 18 year olds) guy move in, and we didn’t want to just trash then place because it was rightfully his as well. So I get the idea that maybe we could clean up the attic a bit and have some people up there since it was pretty spacious.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS CREEPY: We all venture up to the attic to see if we can make it party-worthy. The first guy that got up there stops at the top of the stairs and just says “Oh. My. God.” Not knowing what to expect, we all rush up the stairs to see what’s up. When we get up there, we see everything a mess. Everything had been tossed around, and the drywall was crumbling off in areas that had been fine, leaving a fine dust coating on the floor. In that fine coating of dust were tiny, bare-footed footprints. Keep in mind, the smallest guy out of the group probably wore a size 11-12 shoe, so it definitely wasn’t him or any of us. After we collectively shit our pants, we grow a pair and start investigating. Upon further investigation, we found many more footprints. Some were in the dust, and there were also some black ones one the rolled up rug. We then noticed a trail that did a few loops, so we decided to follow it. It led to a little storage cubby hole. As if that’s not weird enough, I ended up crawling in there and found that the footprints came out of another makeshift door inside the cubby hole. The makeshift door led to an open area of the structure of the house. I was so scared out of my mind. I had a flashlight and started to look around the corner, but I physically couldn’t make myself do it. I noped out of there, and we all ran downstairs and locked the attic door.

After we got our shit together and calmed down, we tried thinking of explanations. While we were brainstorming, one of the guys just says, “Oh my God. I just remembered what Linda told me” (Linda was their landlord). “When we first moved in, right before she left the house, she told me that she was getting a permanent lock for the attic and that we were to stay out of it.”

I never felt chills go up my spine as vigorously as they did in that very moment. I wish so bad I could deliver with pictures (we documented the whole thing), but the guy who had the pictures on his phone is currently in Army Ranger boot camp. I can try to get them from him when he’s back if you guys care enough.


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