29 Abnormal Stories That’ll Scare You Away From Any And All Social Interaction

If you search through Reddit, then you might find stories that you will wish you’ve never heard. After all, you don’t want to know what some people are capable of. But if you’re curious, here are a few terrifying stories.

11. My dead cat saved my life

I used to have a cat that was big black and fluffy. Me and my brother got him a long time ago. He named him Naruto. Anyway Naruto died of complications with his bladder a couple years ago. I wasn’t around when he was buried but i got to say my goodbyes. He was a very good cat and had a keen sense of bad things. He would always sleep next to me when I had a bad day or just rotten luck. Well, ever since he passed, he has been a staple in my dreams. He isn’t just a normal cat but like a zombie cat. At the end of every dream, I bury him. This has happened multiple times. I only ever see him in my dreams if I had a bad day. Recently, I have moved into a small house with a couple roommates. I had decided to take a nap in the middle of the day. During dreaming Naruto sat in front of me yowled and then scratched my face. I woke up and smoke had pulled into my room as well as the rest of the house. Turns out one of my roommates had left the stove on with some food cooking while he ran to get something from the grocery store….dumb idea I know. My room was right behind the kitchen. If Naruto hadn’t have woken me up from the dream I might have died in a house fire. The next night I buried Naruto again. I haven’t seen him in my dreams since.

12. I was tailgated by a car without plates

Happened to my wife, not me. We live about 6 hours from Vegas, and she went there over a weekend to visit some family. She calls me from the road on her way back (it was late, the sun had gone down) and says “Just so you know, this car has been tailgating me for about an hour.” So we decide that at the next exit, she will get off the highway and pull into a well lit gas station. So she does, and the car pulls into a gas station across the street. She leaves, the car follows her again. She goes another half hour, hits some traffic. Starts accelerating, switching lands, etc. Car stays on her tail. BTW, she also noticed that the car was a dark color, with no license plate or temp tag, and the driver had removed the make and model and everything, and they had darkly tinted windows. So she finally decides, “the next time I see a cop car, I’m getting myself pulled over” and she does. The female officer asks why she suddenly sped up AFTER seeing the cop car. My wife explains what has been happening for the past few hours, the cop escorts her the 45 minutes home and says “your the 5th person to report this in the last couple weeks. Some of the other reports ended in sexual assaults and/or robberies.

13. I was chased by a man in a clown mask

The summer after I graduated high school, I spent a lot of time at my best friend’s house. We used to live in a fairly large neighborhood – I lived in the front and she lived in the back. It was always a lot easier to drive through the neighborhood than back out onto the main road. It probably took about 5 minutes to get back to my house from hers, with all of the stop signs.

Anyway, one night we were watching a movie and it was getting late (maybe midnight or so?) and I decided to head home. I got my stuff together and headed to my car and started the drive.

I was two streets from mine, stopping at a stop sign when from the bushes this enormous guy wearing s clown mask and bright red hair jumps out and starts running at my car. I had NO idea what to do. I hadn’t completely stopped yet, so I gunned it, and this clown guy is chasing me up the road. Stop the next stop sign – barely – still chasing me.

I got home and told my parents. They didn’t believe me, but I felt really uneasy about it, so I called the non emergency number for my county. They said that they had been getting similar reports all week.


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