29 Turn-Ons For Mature Men Who Are Actually Looking For Something Serious


1. Women who are honest about what they’re looking for in a relationship and in life, even if it means they’ll risk looking desperate.

2. Women who read and watch TV, so that they’re able to talk about Stephen King one minute and the latest TMZ scandal the next minute.

3. Women who enjoy cuddling as much as they enjoy sex, so that you can have a balanced relationship that’s both physical and emotional.

4. Women who are spontaneous, and enjoy going out on crazy, impromptu adventures.

5. Women with realistic expectations, and don’t expect to be taken out on those exciting, impromptu adventures every single weekend.

6. Women who feel just as confident walking around in sweatpants as they do in a dress.

7. Women who love animals, and would never even dream of treating them poorly.

8. Women who are independent, and don’t need help doing their taxes or changing a tire.

9. Women who make their own money, and occasionally volunteer to pick up the bill when they go out to dinner.

10. Women who view other women as their friends, and not as their competition.

11. Women who admit what’s upsetting them instead of claiming that they’re fine in order to avoid conflict.

12. Women who are passionate about their career, so that the relationship isn’t the only thing that their life revolves around.

13. Women who are open-minded, and will agree to have sex in new places, like on the washer in the laundry room or on the grass in the backyard.

14. Women who know what they’re worth and won’t let anyone treat them like shit, not even the man they’re dating.

15. Women who can rock liquid liner, but feel comfortable walking around without any makeup on, too.

16. Women who treat their waiter with just as much respect as they treat their parents.

17. Women who are comfortable enough with their sexuality to admit when another woman is sexy.

18. Women who go after what they want, and never hesitate to initiate dates, kisses, and sex.

19. Women who are friendly, and will get along with all of their boyfriend’s annoying friends.

20. Women who aren’t afraid to call their boyfriend out on his bullshit.

21. Women who are too mature to resort to childish mind games like playing hard to get.

22. Women who love themselves, flaws and all.

23. Women who are looking for a man with a big brain, because they aren’t superficial enough to date a guy based solely on his looks.

24. Women who think before they act, so that they don’t hurt someone else’s feelings.

25. Women who are just as happy lounging around the house in their pajamas on Friday night as they are going out to the club and getting wasted.

26. Women who are willing to have adult conversations and talk about the future of a relationship, even if it scares the hell out of them.

27. Women who would never even dream of cheating on their boyfriend or lying to them about anything other than a birthday gift.

28. Women who remember the important things, like birthdays and anniversaries, without having to be reminded of them.

29Women who are willing to make a lifelong commitment to a man that she genuinly loves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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