27 Insanely Scary Stories That Will Chill You To The Core

Reddit is a place where people from around the world are free to share their stories. Here are some of the most chilling ones that you should only read if you’re in daylight.


1. My mother killed herself

One night I woke up around 3AM to a very bright white flash that seemed to light up the whole room. I figured it was lightening and went back to sleep. Went to work a few hours later and at about 1PM I get a call from my brother saying that my mom had killed herself. He said she did it between 2:30 and 3:30 that morning. After the initial shock of the news I noticed that it didn’t rain the night before and there would be no reason for lightening.

2. My date was holding a human heart

Talked to a guy on a hookup app. He kept inviting himself to my house even though we never met up. Started getting creeped out so I told him I wasn’t interested. He then sent me a picture of him holding an actual human heart. To be fair, dude was supposedly an EMT and was in some classes/training but had also told me he was currently unemployed. Now he plays volleyball with my BF and it’s awkward.

3. Strangers collected my fingerprints

When I was a freshman in high school, walking home after school one day. A bunch of strangers in uniform approached me and ask if I can do a quick survey with them. I hesitated at first but eventually said ok.

They asked me some really simple questions such as: “the number of people living in my household”, “how many hours does my parents work per week”, etc… Some really generic stuff. After a few minutes of these questions, they gave me a white wristband. It’s like those Yellow Nike wristband except it’s white with no markings on it.

Before I was let go they asked me for my fingerprints. They pull out a ink cartridge of some type and insist I give them all ten fingerprints. I told them no because I don’t understand what this is and don’t feel comfortable doing. They immediately surrounded me and gets a little aggressive. They told me it’s some kind of government related projects and all citizens are required to do this eventually. I was scared and couldn’t back out of the situation. I gave them the prints. I got home and told my dad what happened, he called the cops. Turns out they did this to a lot of people in the area ranging from students to retired people. Until this day, the mystery was never solved, no one knows who they are and what they did with the data and fingerprints collected.

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