27 Ways To Initiate The Steamiest Sex You’ll Ever Experience


1. When he’s busy watching Netflix or playing video games, slip into your sexiest lingerie and walk around the house wearing it. It won’t be long until he notices and abandons the television to focus on you.

2. Put your hand on his leg while you’re watching a movie, and gradually creep closer to his junk until you’re making him hard through his jeans.

3. Text him about all of the naughty things you want him to do to you later, so he knows he should take his clothes off as soon as he walks through your door.

4. Instead of taking the time to write out seductive sexts, just send him a picture of your naked body. No caption necessary.

5. Guide his hand to your pussy, so he can see how wet you are.

6. Lean over and give him a passionate kiss filled with tongue and hair tugging. The type of kiss that’ll make it abundantly clear that you’re in the mood.

7. Call him into the bedroom, so he can catch you masturbating. It’ll be an instant turn-on for him.

8. Get dressed, or get undressed, right in front of him. Make sure you do it slowly and make eye contact with him, so he knows you’re in a frisky mood.

9. When you’re ready to hop in the shower, ask him to join you. He’ll know what it means.

10. Instead of wearing your sweatpants to bed, wear something silky or lacy. Even better, don’t wear anything at all.

11. Give him “that” look. If you’ve been dating for long enough, then he’ll be able to tell that you’re horny by your eyes alone.

12. Grab his hand and move it toward your tits or your ass. He’ll take it from there.

13. Or, if you want to be a little more subtle, grab his hand and lead him toward the bedroom.

14. Exercise, or at least stretch, in front of him. He’ll go crazy once he sees you bending into Downward Dog in your super tight yoga pants.

15. Light candles and place them around the room to create a romantic atmosphere. Boys like to be wooed, too.

16. Put on a porno and have him catch you watching it. Then invite him to watch the rest with you.

17. Leave your sex toys out on the bed. That way, he’ll get the hint that you’re dying to use them.

18. Challenge him to a game of Poker or Mario Kart, and claim that the winner gets to choose where to fuck. You’ll definitely have sex after that.

19. Sit on his lap. You don’t have to do much else. Sex will naturally occur.

20. Come up with a code word you can slip into conversation whenever you’re horny. That way, you won’t actually have to say the words.

21. Mark it on the wall calendar. There’s no mistaking what “fuck me at 7:00” means.

22. If he doesn’t actually own a calendar, steal his phone and set an alarm that says “fuck me.” As soon as it goes off, he’ll get on top of you.

23. Unzip his jeans and go down on him. He certainly won’t complain.

24. Buy an adult board game and ask him to play it with you.

25. Turn on a seductive song and then give him the best lap dance you can.

26. Casually mention how hot the room is and follow it up by casually removing your shirt. He should take care of the rest.

27. Be blunt. Tell him you’re horny as fuck and you want him to bang you on the first table he can find. He’ll be happy to oblige. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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