24 Incredibly Creepy Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

If you know where to look, you can find creepy stories on Reddit that’ll scare the living hell out of you. Here are some of the eeriest ones you should challenge yourself to read alone in the dark.

20. Cardiac arrest while running

“Suffering a cardiac arrest during a half marathon and having no memory of it. It was last month though and they restarted my heart and took me to the hospital. Now I’m on the mend!”

21. Stalked by a bus passenger

“The most recent thing was that I was on a bus, and a guy started asking about whether the bus stopped in a certain area. I said I wasn’t sure as I don’t go that far, so he asked the driver who told him yes, he does stop there.

The guy continued to try talk to me but he was really shifty so I just kind of brushed him off and browsed Reddit on my phone until we got near my stop. I pushed the button and got ready to get off, and this guy looks at me, stands up and picks up his bag as if he’s getting off too. We were nowhere near where he needed to go (I knew where he was going, just not where the bus stopped). It’s not like he needed to change buses, because we were on kind of a back road which only has one bus route. It was kind of far from the stop he wanted too – I was only on the bus about 5 minutes but I’m 6 months pregnant and it would have been a 40 minute walk home.

Anyway, the bus stops and I go as if to jump off the front door, and the guy gets off the back. I step back and say to the driver “sorry, wrong stop”. The driver is a regular on that route so kinda knows me, nods and floors it out of there. Guy just kind of stood at the bus stop looking confused. There wouldn’t have been another bus for about 45 minutes, so fuck him. Anyway, the driver was like “that was weird”. He was worried about me getting home but I called my husband who was able to pick me up from the next bus stop 5 minutes later.

As for unexplained stuff, I woke up to a black shadowy figure sitting on my bed. I could actually feel the weight on a person (it wasn’t my cat either, I checked). I didn’t actually feel scared at the time, I felt quite protected. It moved around the room at one point but it almost kinda teleported spot to spot rather than walking.”

22. Ghosts on the road

“This was in college. I was driving home from hanging out at a friend’s house. I don’t drink, so I was absolutely sober and I have no history of hallucinations. It was around 2am and the roads were completely empty. During the day, this road is actually pretty busy. Anyways, on the side of the road, I see two little girls holding hands just standing there. If I had to guess ages, I would say 10 and 6. They were dressed in what I would describe as old Sunday church clothes. They weren’t doing anything. Not playing. Not walking somewhere. Not hitchhiking. Just standing there holding hands looking out at the road. I’m fairly convinced I saw two ghosts. Anyways, it creeped me the fuck out and I kept driving.”


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