24 Incredibly Creepy Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

If you know where to look, you can find creepy stories on Reddit that’ll scare the living hell out of you. Here are some of the eeriest ones you should challenge yourself to read alone in the dark.

3. Shot at while pumping gas

“I was drive by shot at while pumping gas. Bullet hit gas pump and shattered the glass. This was an old school pump with the flipping numbers in 1985. I ran to the gas station building and the guy inside saw what happened and locked the door and hid inside. He wouldn’t let me in.
Ran to car and tore off. Pretty scary shit.”

4. The ghost of our dog

“Definitely the weirdest thing was the night after my dog was put down. He wasn’t allowed on my parents bed, but sure enough when we left the room, he would jump up and mess with the covers. My dog was put down in the morning pretty suddenly so my mom didn’t get a chance to make her bed. When we got home after a bit of grieving, my mom started to do her daily chores and this included making the bed. I was in the room when she made the bed and it was perfect. We both left together and watched some TV with my dad and we were the only 3 in the house. After whatever we were watching was over, I saw my mom walk down the hallway and as soon as she saw her bed she screamed. The covers were the messiest they’ve ever been. This happened for a couple days right after and then just stopped. My family is completely convinced my dog’s ghost hung around for a few days after he died.”

5. Attacked on a college campus

“Walked home alone after a late class at university. Saw three guys in the distance and thought nothing of it as I’m a guy myself. As I approach I turn my iPod down so I can hear them. I don’t make eye contact but out of nowhere I feel this blunt force hit the back of my head. One of them has hit me. I throw my backpack around to the front as it contains my text books and I square up. For what seems like an eternity I exchange blows with three guys. My face is busted, eyes are blurry, head hurting. I’m getting pummeled. Then out of nowhere I hear someone screaming and the three guys split. This middle aged Asian woman who was waiting for the bus has come to my aid. She’s screaming at the guys whilst I’m trying to catch my breath and not pass out. She’s my hero, but that was the scariest thing that’s happened to me.”


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