17 Horrifying True Stories That Happened To Real Campers (That Will Make You Never Go Outside Again)

Nature isn’t as sweet as it looks. Any camper can tell you that. These horrific stories are brought to you from the people of Reddit. Read at your own risk, because they’ll make it hard for you to enjoy the outdoors.
Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

1. There’s someone in our camp

“My buddies and I were camping in the woods in Yosemite, CA. We were the only ones in the area, and we knew this because of the camping registry. We were quite literally the only ones in a 20 mile radius.

Anyways, everything was great and normal, and our campsite was on the side of a lake. At night, we all shared an 8-man tent. It was cozy with 8 guys in a tent, but not horrible. Anyways at about 3am the first night, we were all suddenly awoken by one member of our group standing up in the tent and frantically opening the tent door.

He poked his head out and began super frantically and nervously saying ‘there’s someone in our camp’ He kept repeating it, and sounded absolutely terrified. Needless to say, we were fucking horrified that someone might be in our camp, because we knew that we were supposed to be alone. Everyone who had just been woken up was looking at each other with mortified looks on our faces.

After about 15 seconds of saying that someone was in our camp, he laid back down like nothing had happened, and slept. The motherfucker was sleepwalking, and there was no one in the camp. It was hard to fall back asleep.”

2. We saw blood splatters and drips

“Went turkey hunting with my dad in the Shawnee National Forest several years ago. I was about 10. Took one afternoon to hike and scout hunting spots. Along the trail we saw a few blood splatters and drips… But not big deal, its nature. About 1/4 mile up the trail however, we come up to 3 dogs hanging from a tree, gutted, bled out, and skinned…. Ok now that was pretty weird and scary. We kept going a bit further as there was a bluff not too far up the way that was pretty cool to look at.

Come to the bluff, find weird symbols burned into the ground and on the sides of the rock wall… Candle wax absolutely everywhere and more blood all over the ground. By that time my dad, whom I’ve never seen scared in my life, looked at me and said, ‘Let’s go’ and we took of at a pretty quick pace back to the camp.

The worst part is that we didn’t leave the campsite so that night I laid awake in the camper freaking out at every sound I heard.

Still get goosebumps thinking about that event to this day.”

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