20 Super Sweet Things Your Soulmate Will Do When You’re On Your Period

Twenty20, pattyrooney
Twenty20, pattyrooney

1. He’ll tell you how beautiful you are, even though you feel bloated and are wearing your hideous period panties.

2. He won’t freak out when he notices a spot of blood on your jeans, or even on his bedsheets. He knows accidents happen, so won’t let you apologize for any of it.

3. He won’t be embarrassed to run to the store and pick up an extra box of tampons for you. He’ll even pick up some chocolate while he’s there.

4. He won’t whine about the fact that he won’t be able to sleep with you for an entire week.

5. In fact, he’ll still be open to sleeping with you (as long as you’re comfortable with the idea), because he knows that a little bit of blood isn’t the end of the world. You’re still his sexy girlfriend and he still wants to fuck you.

6. He’ll rub your stomach, play with your hair, and do whatever else he can to make you feel more relaxed, because he knows how horrible your body must feel.

7. He’ll remind you to take Advil when it’s been six hours, because he knows that your cramps are bound to start acting up again, and he doesn’t want you to be in pain for a single second.

8. He won’t even think about mentioning how moody you are, even if you both know that you’ve been acting like a total bitch.

9. He won’t pressure you to go out with his friends or to attend a family party, because he knows you’d rather be lazy and lounge around with him during period week.

10. He’ll supply you with all the chocolate and ice cream that you need. His cabinets and fridge will be stocked with more snacks than you’ll know what to do with.

11. He’ll have an extra pair of clothes for you to borrow, just in case you get blood all over yours.

12. He’ll continue to compliment your ass, even though you’re walking around in old sweatpants that aren’t cute at all.

13. He won’t start a fight with you, even when you’re being completely irrational. He knows you’ll come to your senses soon enough.

14. He’ll give you a back massage or a foot massage in order to reduce your pain just a little bit. If he’s really in the mood to earn brownie points, he might even make you a bath complete with wine and candles.

15. He’ll give in and let you watch your favorite TV show, even if he loathes it, because he knows it’s the least he can do for you when you’re feeling so low.

16. He won’t make fun of you when you tear up over a commercial that isn’t even all that sad.

17. If he sees that you’re actually relaxing on the couch, he’ll get up and do the dishes or let the dog out, so you don’t have to leave your comfortable position.

18. He’ll leave you alone when you tell him you want to be left the hell alone. But he’ll come right back when you change your mind and ask him to cuddle.

19. He’ll know when your period is coming by the amount of weeks that have gone by or by the way that you’ve been acting. He knows your body as well as you do.

20. He’ll remind you that he loves you and your body, even when it’s bloated and dripping blood. No matter what day of the month it is, you’re his favorite person to be around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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