18 Fucked Up Babysitting Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Having Kids

Babysitting isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if you’re stuck working with demonic children. Don’t believe it? Here are some of the creepiest babysitting stories from Reddit that’ll make you want to keep your distance from kids.

12. The child bashed his head open

I was babysitting a 2 year old. He was playing on the couch pillows (instead of a back cushion, my couch has a bunch of pillows). All of a sudden he started crying. He bumped his head on the corner of the couch (not sharp) and it started to profusely bleed. I grabbed him and sat him on the counter so I could see where it was coming from; just under his eyebrow was gashed open. I cleaned it up as best as I could, gave him some children’s tylenol, and called his mom. They were able to glue it back together. I felt so bad.

13. The child chased me with a butcher knife

When I was about 12 or so I babysat a couple of brothers across the street from me. Their regular babysitter lived two doors down but couldn’t make it so I helped out. It ended up with me locking myself in the bedroom with the youngest brother who was about 6 would be my guess while the older brother tried to stab through the door with a huge butcher knife. That kid might have been 8 or so. That was definitely the last time I babysat for them, I told the other baby sitter that he was on his own from now on.

14. A stranger tried to break into the house

I was babysitting to little girls at their parents house when I was about 15. We were sitting in the living room watching the Disney channel when sudden the front door handle starts moving and someone tries to come in. I didn’t lock the door after the parents left, so they were able to walk right in. Luckily, the family also had 5 dogs, all large breeds, that immediately jumped into action and ran towards the front door barking bloodly murder. The front door only opened about half an inch before it was pulled shut. I jumped up and locked the doors and windows.

It scared the shit out of the three of us. I checked to see if there was anyone outside running away, but didn’t see anyone. I don’t know what would’ve happened without those dogs.

15. I babysat an abused child

I was a nanny for a family for several years. I would also look after all the kids that came over once a month with their parents for bible study. On one of those occasions a new girl, about age 7, came with her aunt and uncle. I knew she came from a troubled background and was taken in by family so she wouldn’t be put into foster care. The night is going as usual until I notice that one of the boys I care for, age 6, and that girl are nowhere to be found. I start looking around and see that one of the bathroom doors is locked, so I knock “James, Sarah, are you in there?!”. They both quickly exit. James looking very shook up and embarrassed, while Sarah has a smirk(not their actually names btw). I sternly ask what they were doing in there, James with tears in his eyes tells me “she kept telling me she wanted to come in with me and I guess I said ok, but I told her not to look. She looked anyway, but I told her to stop ” etc. I get very upset with Sarah and ask if this was true she admits to it but then also starts crying begging me not to tell her aunt and uncle.

I had to comfort James while also explaining to Sarah her behavior was unacceptable and harmful, I had to tell their parents and guardians what happened. Luckily the bible study was over shortly after and I explained to his parents and her guardians what had happened. I knew from this little girl’s behavior she had been abused and was only acting out what she had been taught. Her aunt and uncle were mortified but understood that she was also a victim herself. Unfortunately they never came back. I’m not religious, and was only disappointed I didn’t see them again because I knew their absence was out of embarrassment. I’ve always wondered what happened to Sarah, I hope she received the right kind of care that she needed and was shown what healthy relationships are like.


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