How To Flirt With A Guy

How To Flirt With A Guy: Flirting Tips That’ll Turn You Into A Total Seductress

Want to seduce that guy you like? Here’ how to flirt with a guy and become a total seducer.

How To Flirt With A Guy

1. Touch him, but don’t go crazy. Put a hand on his shoulder when you say hello. Slap his arm when you laugh at one of his jokes. Sit so close that your thigh brushes against his. Subtle touches make the biggest impact.

2. Draw attention to your lips. Lick them, touch them, or reapply your lipstick in front of him. Make sure he notices how smooth and soft they are, so he’ll have no choice but to imagine kissing you.

3. If you’re sitting down, cross and uncross your legs. This is especially effective if you’re wearing a dress, because he’ll be trying to catch a flash of your underwear.

4. Get his mind on sex. You don’t have to walk around, spouting out dirty jokes that would make your grandmother blush. Instead, try to make comments that are vaguely sexual. Comments that hint at something naughty, but aren’t blatantly obvious. Of course, if you’re comfortable blurting out how horny you are, that works too.

5. Play with your hair. Don’t twirl it around your finger like you’ve seen in the movies. Just brush it down every once in a while or push it behind your ear.

6. Work on your posture. If you keep your spine straight and your shoulders back, your boobs will be pushed out more. It’ll do wonders for your cleavage.

7. Wear the right perfume. Try something that smells of vanilla or lavender. Men are a sucker for those scents.

8. Don’t cross your arms. It’ll create the same illusion as staring at your phone or glancing at the clock. Basically, it’ll make him think you want him to leave you the hell alone.

9. If you aren’t against the idea of using your beauty to get what you want, then you should rest your elbows on the table and lean forward when you’re talking to him. It’ll give him a better view of what’s hidden beneath your shirt.

10. Again, if you’re comfortable with using your sexuality to attract men, you can always bend over in front of him. Remember the bend and snap from Legally Blonde? That shit really works.

11. Face your entire body toward him when he’s talking to you. He doesn’t want to see you glancing around the room, checking out other men. Playing hard to get rarely works.

12. Smile. It sounds simple, but if you make eye contact with a stranger while rocking your resting bitch face, he won’t know if you’re interested in him or if you’re warning him to stay away.

13. Compliment him. Guys usually have a hard time figuring out if we’re actually flirting, but if you tell him that he looks sexy in the color blue, then he’ll understand you’re interested.

14. If you’re wearing a necklace, play with it. It’ll draw attention to your chest.

15. Wink at him from across the room to encourage him to walk over. You might want to practice the move in the mirror though, because winks are either super sexy or incredibly awkward.

16. When you say hello or goodbye to him, give him a hug. Make sure it lingers. There’s a clear difference between a friendly hug and a flirty one.

17. Actually pay attention to what he’s saying. Men aren’t all that different from us. They want to be heard, too.

18. Wear an outfit that shows off your favorite body part. You don’t have to spend hours on your appearance. Just put in a little effort.

19. Use your eyes. When he walks by, establish eye contact and smile. When he’s standing across the room, make sure he catches you checking him out. When you’re lucky enough to have a conversation with him, glance down at his lips, so he knows you’re thinking about kissing him.

20. Ask him out. Men love women with confidence, so if you’re interested in him, just hand him your phone and ask him to type in his number. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

What are your best tips for how to flirt with a guy? Leave your tips and techniques in the comments. 

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