16 Lazy Girl Sex Tips That’ll Turn Him On Without Tiring You Out

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. Break out the handcuffs. If you’re tied down to the bed, you won’t be able to do any of the work. That means he’ll be stuck doing all of the thrusting, but he won’t even realize it, because he’ll be focused on how sexy you look.

2. When you’re riding him, rest on your knees. Then put your hands on his chest or on the headboard to remove some of the pressure from your legs. It’ll make it much easier for you to move if you’re out of shape.

3. Instead of stopping mid-cowgirl to tell him you’re too worn out to continue, order him to get on top of you. If you make it sound like you’re talking dirty, instead of admitting that you’re completely out of breath, he’ll be incredibly turned on. He’ll switch positions without complaint.

4. While you’re sitting on the couch, place your hand on his jeans and start rubbing. If you get him excited by giving him a handjob before sex, he’ll end up orgasming quickly once you move on to the main event. That means you won’t have to spend as much time going down on him or riding him as you usually do.

5. Don’t forget about the magic of missionary. When he’s on top, he’ll be doing the majority of the work, but you can still turn him on by running your hands through his hair, digging your nails into his back, and moaning into his ear.

6. Invest in crotchless underwear. If you wear a skirt with them, then you won’t have to remove a single item of clothing in order to have sex (and you won’t have to shave your bikini area all that well, since most of it will be covered up). Plus, men think they’re sexy as fuck.

7. Instead of trying to contort yourself into a crazy new position, grab a few pillows and place them under your booty. It’ll create a new angle of penetration, but you’ll get to stay comfy.

8. If he’s an ass man, and wants to watch your booty, try standing and leaning over the bed while he fucks you. That way, you won’t have to exert as much energy as you would doggie style.

9. If you’re not in the mood to go down on him, try touching yourself. Watching you masturbate will make him hard, and it’ll make you wet. You’ll both be ready for sex in no time.

10. If he’s more of a morning person than you are, ask him to initiate sex in the AM by turning your spooning into sex. Most men won’t mind doing all of the work while you relax on your pillow, as long as it means they get to start their mornings off with sex.

11. Stock up on sex toys. Vibrators aren’t the only items you should own. There are plenty of toys you can buy that will enhance his experience, too.

12. You don’t have to use your body to get him off. You can use your words. Instead of giving him a strip tease, seduce him with dirty talk. It works like a charm.

13. Remember, if you’re feeling extra lazy, you don’t have to take off all of your clothes. Sometimes, less is more. When he sees you bouncing around in that push-up bra that makes your cleavage look spectacular, he’ll be just as horny as he would’ve been if you were completely naked.

14. If you’re not in the mood to foreplay, watch porn with him. That way, some other girl will do all the work and you’ll get to reap the benefits.

15. If you’re not interested in being handcuffed, at least let him blindfold you. He can’t expect you to do all of the work while you’re blindfolded. He’ll have to take charge.

16. Create a code word that’ll let him know when you’re in the mood. That way, you won’t have to bend over backwards (figuratively and literally) in order to initiate sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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