15 Women Reveal Exactly What Turns Them On About Other Women


1. “Their backs. Not their backsides. Their actual backs, like when they expose their shoulder blades in one of those cutout dresses or in a sleeveless one.”  Amy, 22

2. “Everyone’s obsessed with Kylie Jenner lips, but I don’t get it. Big or small? Doesn’t matter to me. As long as they’re soft. A good kisser is a good kisser, no matter what their lips look like.”  Lindsay, 23

3. “Tattoos. They’re hot on men and they’re hot on women. Piercings, too.” — Lisa, 24

4. “Everyone’s probably saying this, but I’m a big fan of booty. I’ve got a big one and I appreciate other girls who do, too. Maybe I’m just turned on by myself.” — Allison, 23

5. “I’ve stuck to dating guys my whole life, but I can’t help but get turned on when I see another woman strutting her stuff in a pair of stilettos. I suck at walking in them, so I know it takes talent. And it shows off those long legs I always wished I had myself.” — Amanda, 24

6. “Eyebrows. I don’t care what her boobs or her butt looks like. The first thing I’m noticing is her face, and the first thing I’m seeing on her face is her eyebrows.” — Jennie, 22

7. “If you ask me, confidence is sexy in both genders. If it’s clear your comfortable in your skin, then I’m going to turn my head your way, no matter what you look like.” — Cara, 27

8. “Don’t get me wrong. I like men as much as women. But I’m not a huge fan of how much hair men leave on their chest and underarms. Now, a woman doesn’t have to shave everything off in order to be attractive, but to me, smooth skin is sexy skin. It’s nice to run your fingers up against.”  Denise, 25

9. “Dicks just aren’t attractive to me. At all. Never have been. But boobs are beautiful. They feel amazing, too.” — Cheryl, 25

10. “Their scent. I’ve always considered myself straight, but when I hug my girlfriends and smell some sort of fruity perfume on them, it drives me loco. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t consider kissing them once or twice.”  Lola, 21

11. “Physical strength. Nothing hotter than watching a woman in the boxing ring or swimming laps around the pool. I guess I have a thing for athletes.” — Ashley, 21 

12. “Their hair. I know man buns are a thing now, but there’s still not that much boys can do with their hair. But women have a world of possibilities, and I like the variety. Bobs. Lobs. Pixie cuts. All super sexy. I’ll like a girl with hair down to her ass one day and a girl with a buzzcut two days later.” — Samantha, 24

13. “I’ve never really thought about what turns me on. It just happens. I suppose it happens the most in summer. Women in bathing suits, they’re so revealing these days. Almost like catching a glimpse of her naked.” — Mandy, 22

14. “I think my favorite thing about women is the way that their eyes look after applying their makeup. I’m a sucker for blue ones, but anything will work, as long as they have on some mascara to really open up their eyes and define the lashes. I’m a makeup junkie. What can I say?”  — Sasha, 27

15. “What do women do that turn me on? Everything. They’re hot. It’s more about the way they move and the way they talk than the way they look for me, but I like the eye candy, too. It’s just everything.”  Carrie, 24

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