9 Surprising Ways Super Self-Conscious People Love Differently


Everyone always talks about how sexy confidence is. Well, what about all of us who don’t think that highly of ourselves? We deserve love, too.

1. We only date people we’re crazy about.

Rejection is the single scariest word in our vocabulary. That’s why we won’t put our heart on the line unless we know we’ve met someone who is worth the risk. So if you know that we like you, then we must really like you. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even bother to smile at you as you walked by.

2. We let our actions speak for us. 

We’re firm believers in the idea that actions speak louder than words, because it’s hard for us to put our feelings into coherent sentences. Even when we’ve planned out what to say in our heads, we have trouble saying the words aloud. That’s why we’ll tell you we love you with kisses and lingering looks.

3. We have a hard time believing someone could like us.

Even if you compliment our looks and ask us to come over for dinner, we’ll still have trouble believing that you’re flirting with us. You have to make your intentions abundantly clear if you want us to realize how you feel. Otherwise, we’ll just assume you’re being friendly, not flirty.

4. We’ll subtly hint when we’re horny.

We don’t want to come right out and say that we’re in a frisky mood, because it would make us blush. Instead, we’ll tilt our head a certain way or run our hands through your hair. Once you get to know us, you’ll be able to read our body language as easily as you could read our lips.

5. We give relationships our all. 

We never think our best is good enough. That’s why we’re always going to try to one-up ourselves. If we buy you a video game one year, we’ll buy you a gaming system the next year. If we take you to the zoo one day, we’ll take you to Disney the next day. We’ll keep upping the ante.

6. We need constant attention.

Don’t get me wrong. We like our alone time. But we need you to give us a certain amount of attention and affection on a daily basis. If you act distant for one day, then we’ll assume that you’ve completely lost interest in us.

7. You’ll never doubt how we feel. 

Stripping down in front of you is a big deal for us. It means we’re baring our body and soul at the same time. If we’re able to take off our clothes in front of you, it’s proof that we’re super serious about you. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be showing any extra skin.

8. We get jealous over silly little things.

We can’t help it. We don’t think highly of ourselves, so everyone looks better in comparison. So don’t start a fight with us when we accuse you of cheating with a friend. Reassure us that we have nothing to worry about and make us laugh about it instead of cry about it.

9. We won’t always want to go out.

You can’t blame yourself whenever we’re upset. No matter what you do, we’ll have our down days when we won’t want to leave the living room. But don’t worry, because that means we’ll get to spend the entire day cuddling on the couch in our underwear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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