30 Pieces Of Dating Advice That’ll Actually Get You The Girl


Stop posting Instagram pics with your arm around other girls and waiting an hour to text back the girl you actually want to date. Playing hard to get isn’t going to do you any favors, so give it a rest. Here are a few dating tips that’ll actually get you the girl.

1. Say hello to her. A genuine smile will score you more brownie points than a cheesy pickup line about falling from heaven ever could.

2. Text her back. Really, your phone is right there and she’s been waiting for your response.

3. Compliment her hair or her eyebrows. She’ll appreciate it more than a raunchy comment about her ass.

4. Stop fumbling around for her G-spot. Play with her clit. It’ll be easier for you and will still feel sensational for her

5. Make plans. Don’t rely on her to come up with date ideas, because she’ll find it sexy if you take charge.

6. Never try to make her jealous. Always try to make her feel beautiful.

7. Let her know you’re interested. Wonder why you’re always being friend zoned? Because she has no idea how you feel.

8. Apologize after you fuck up. And don’t repeat the mistake. Otherwise, you’ll lose her trust.

9. Don’t ask her if she’s on her period when she shows the slightest hint of emotion. It’s the dumbest thing you could do.

10. Make the first move. Yes, it’s 2016 and she’s perfectly capable of doing it herself, but she secretly hopes you’ll take the lead.

11. Only go after girls you respect. That way, treating them right should come naturally.

12. Be more optimistic about life. No one wants to date a man who’s always moping around.

13. Wear cologne. The right scent will make her hornier than your abs ever could.

14. Don’t blame your ex for all of your baggage. Take responsibility for your own actions for a change.

15. Have a little faith in yourself. If you don’t think you’re going to get her, then you won’t.

16. Tell her what you’re looking for. A hookup? A side hoe? An actual girlfriend? Be a gentleman and let her know.

17. Don’t start out by calling her “honey” or “sweetie.” Call her by her name. Everyone loves to hear their name.

18. Say what you want to say, instead of what you think she wants you to say.

19. Exercise. Even if you don’t end up getting in shape, it’ll help you feel better about yourself, and we all know confidence is key when it comes to dating.

20. Ignore your friends when they tell you you’re whipped. Most of the time, that really means you’re being a good boyfriend.

21. Ask her about her day. And actually listen to every word she has to say instead of just nodding along.

22. Dress well. You don’t have to walk around in a suit and tie, but ditch your wife beater and basketball shorts.

23. Treat everyone around you as well as you treat her. If she sees you talking down to the waiter or even worse, to one of her friends, it’ll be a huge red flag that’ll send her running.

24. Make her feel like a priority. If she thinks she’s your second or third or tenth choice, she won’t want you anymore.

25. Stop being so serious all the time. She doesn’t just want a boyfriend. She wants a best friend, too.

26. Hold her hand, even if you’re surrounded by a crowd of other people. Especially if you’re surrounded by a crowd of people.

27. Clean up your apartment. She won’t sleep with you if your bed is littered with boxers and candy bar wrappers.

28. Buy a puppy. She might visit just to see the dog, but at least she’ll be visiting.

29. Open doors for her. Offer her your jacket. Do the old fashioned things that most modern men wouldn’t think about doing.

30. Don’t treat her like your maid, like a sex toy, or even like a princess. Treat her like an equal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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