Don’t Love Me In A Cliché Way

Nik Mock
Nik Mock

Instead of buying me roses, buy me that crop top you saw me glance at for a little too long when we went to the mall last month.

Instead of kissing me on the forehead while I sleep, kiss me on that birthmark I’ve always hated, but you claim is sexy.

Instead of calling me “baby,” call me by that personalized nickname that I pretend I hate, but actually find adorable.

Instead of serenading me with your guitar, join in when I sing out of tune to Backstreet Boys songs, even though you were more of an NSYNC kid.

Instead of kissing me in the rain after our date, offer to run to the car and pick me up, because you know I spent two hours curling my hair and don’t want to ruin it.

Instead of baking sugar cookies with me, teach me how to make the special dinner that your mom always made you when you were sick as a kid.

Instead of telling me I look better without makeup, help me pick out lipstick shades at Sephora without complaining about how long I’m taking or how much money I’m spending.

Instead of winning me an oversized stuffed animal at a carnival, challenge me to your favorite video game and incessantly tease me after I lose.

Instead of finding a secluded spot for us to hold a picnic, find a public place where we can have the dirtiest sex imaginable.

Instead of watching romantic comedies with me, make me watch your favorite movie and bombard me with facts from all the behind-the-scenes interviews you’ve seen.

Instead of browsing through a bookstore with me, give me access to your bookshelf and pluck out the stories you think I’d like the best.

Instead of taking me to a museum, bring me to Michael’s to buy little crafts we can work on during rainy days.

Instead of slow dancing in the middle of our living room, take me out in public and embarrass me with your corny dance moves.

Instead of taking me ice skating, teach me how to hit a hockey puck, so I can join in the next time you play with your friends.

Instead of sending me good morning texts, call me on the phone so you can hear my groggy, didn’t-get-nearly-enough-sleep voice that you somehow find attractive.

Instead of walking down the beach while holding my hand, help me rub sunscreen over my back every hour, so my pale skin doesn’t get fried.

Instead of taking me out for brunch, sleep in with me until the sun shines so brightly we’re forced to start our day.

Instead of carving our names into the bark of a tree, scream out my name as you fuck me against the trunk of it.

Instead of covering the bed with rose petals, buy me new throw pillows, even though you don’t get the point of using them as decorations instead of actually using them to sleep on.

Instead of playing the part of a suave heartbreaker to impress me, act like the nerdy awkward guy I know and love.

Instead of staying up to watch the ball drop on New Year’s, set your phone alarm for midnight so we can wake up and kiss quickly before we fall back asleep.

Instead of writing poetry for me, look me in the eyes and tell me how you feel, even if it makes me laugh and makes you blush.

Instead of building a blanket fort with me, build an entire life with me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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