Date Someone Who Makes You Feel Stable In Love


Find the one who makes you feel stable and stick with them. Stability isn’t a prison. You’ve chased this idea that love needs to be crazy and that feeling of uncertainty you’ve had with all the others is how it’s supposed to feel. After all, it’s exciting.

Late nights that turn into cross-country adventures and a partner to indulge in self-destructive vices with, that’s love, right? Every day is a new adventure but for some reason no matter how high you get, this type of love will always leave you empty. You’ll be relieved when it’s over.

Attention and obsession, that’s love, right? This type of ego boost is short lived. The thrill of having someone’s undivided commitment isn’t worth the drama. Love should be a balance. This love will be the toughest to cut. But once you’re free, stay free, love shouldn’t make you feel trapped.

Picture perfect, that’s love, right? Your list is checked off. Little fights here and there, that’s ok. But sometimes there are big fights. Not about trivial things like taking out the trash, no these are fights about things that go against your morals. You like being challenged though, so you dismiss the red flags. For some reason, you believe you need to fight for love.

Love should be easy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Flash forward to meeting you, this is too stable to be love. You build me up in positive ways. You’ve helped me face my demons and choose sobriety. With you, I can still wander and I know when I come home you’ll be there. I know you’ll still love me regardless of what I do and no one else could compare to what we have. How do I know this? You tell me and you show me. There’s no uncertainty. How weird it is to feel the same way at the same time, want the same things, and believe in the same things.

This is the type of love you’ve worked for and you deserve.

There’s no gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach making you question. There’s no voice in the back of your head telling you they’re not the one. There are no moral dilemmas. Just you, me and the cats. Happy and stable in love. For the first time, how exciting? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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