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5 Things To Remember About The Internet

We have this tendency to take relatively sparse bits of information and withdraw from them a much, much wider context based mostly on non-concrete stuff like our hopes, expectations, and interpretation of the ‘tone’ of emails, IMs, and texts.

How To Survive Holiday Family Get-Togethers

By using “work” as an excuse (in moderation), you will be immune from criticism and familial scorn. Family members will in fact think you’re hardworking, opportunistic, busy, important, and successful, and given the right conditions, actively encourage you to go into your room and get done what you need to get done.

Stuff You Say When You’re Avoiding Work

“Am I hungry right now? I think I might be hungry. What’s in the fridge? Hm… doesn’t look like much. I definitely don’t feel like preparing something. A bowl of cereal? Nah, only the end is left — hate that. I should probably get to work. I’m not really hungry. But… I feel like I should snack on something. I need to go to the fridge again, maybe I missed something.”

90s TV Characters As Roommates

Weeknights he has very loud get-togethers with the same four people — or the same four types of people, it’s difficult for you to keep track — and one night you hear one of them say “Shouldn’t we be quiet, isn’t your roommate trying to sleep in there?” “Him? He doesn’t matter,” Zack responds.

Minutes Of Last Night’s Party

Party host Joy “has no idea” who invited Scott; thinks Scott is “weird” for coming re Scott and Marissa breaking up as recently as two months ago and Scott’s emotional instability when inebriated and around Marissa as evidenced by episode covered in 28 Aug. minutes.

20 Ways To Scare Your Crush Away

Minimize eye contact. As a general rule, the ratio of eye contact with your crush to how much you’re crushing on your crush should be inverse. If you must acknowledge your crush, a sideways glance or indirect stare is advised.

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