Leanna Decker, Instagram’s Favorite Redhead Model

Leanna Decker is a glamor model from Ashland, Kentucky in the United States. She has green eyes, red hair, and is 5’5. One of her most distinctive traits are her green eyes, which have been described as many social media commenters as completely “mesmerizing.”

Lenna’s modeling career has been mostly fueled and managed by herself. She grew to prominence on Model Mayhem and is one of the most popular models on their website.

Her career highlights include being featured in many mainstream magazines, and Playboy magazine calling her “the hottest redhead” on Instagram. The video she did for Playboy called “Watch Leanna Decker Embrace Nature” garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube. Leanna was also Playboy’s 2012 Cyber Girl of the year and many years later still remains prominent. Some of her photos for Playboy where nude, while others were just implied.


Aside from her features in magazines, Leanna maintains an incredible social media presence. On Facebook, she updates her fans with candid and professional photos, often adding a personal message to each photo. She has over 200,000 fans on Facebook, which is a lot by Facebook standards.

On Instagram, she’s super popular. She has over half a million followers and her engagement on Instagram is through the roof. She will frequently get over 15,000 likes per photo.

Here are some of her most popular Instagram posts of all time.

Bed time 💤 🖤

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A post shared by Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) on

In her free time, Leanna enjoys going to the beach and taking care of her two dogs, which are a bully and a poodle. She is also awesome at yoga. She writes about her practice of doing yoga: “Nothing like that feeling of accomplishment after hot yoga. My first class I looked like I was going to fall over, and honestly was so embarrassed I didn’t want to go back. Fast forward to today and I’m bending and stretching my body into poses I didn’t think I would ever be able to do!” Go Leanna!

She also express her personality through body art. Leanna has four tattoos. Her tattoos are of a mushroom, a butterfly, four-leaf clovers, and symbolism for love and harmony.

In an interview, when asked about her favorite place in the world, she said Cannes was her favorite place because you can “tan topless.” Oh, the wonderful life of being a supermodel!

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