19 Waiters And Waitresses Describe The Worst Things Customers Do Without Realizing It

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1. Not letting us know when something is wrong.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but I hate it when customers don’t complain about something, at least not until after the fact when it comes time for the bill and its too late to try and fix their issue. I’d rather have you happy with my ability to accommodate you when it comes time for the tip than to have nothing to do

2. Standing in the middle of doorways and holding a conversation.

This is not exclusive to restaurants, but standing in the middle of a pathway/in a doorway/in an outer corner where people are traversing and having a conversation.

MOVE. Get out the way. Get out the way fo I run you over with this tray.

3. Interrupting us with demands.

Interrupt us while we are introducing ourselves. “Hi, everyone! My name i-” “I want a water.” I don’t know about you, but that just kind of makes me hate you for the rest of the meal.

4. Not telling us when something is wrong with your order. (Please tell us! We want to help.)

Kitchen manager here. This right here. If we cooked your food wrong, tell us. We would be more than happy to fix it. If you want your steak put down longer, if you want you soup hotter, or even if you want something thats not on the menu…ASK us. We want to serve you good food. It makes us feel good and puts us in a better mood when we’re back in a 115 degree kitchen all day.

Edit: When I say ‘put your steak down longer’, I mean if it’s undercooked by the kitchen. We messed up, it’s our fault. You’re paying good money for that food, you deserve for it to taste how you want it to. HOWEVER, if you order it wrong, then blame it on us, we’re gonna be pretty upset.

5. Being condescending without realizing it.

A lot of people are often very condescending and I don’t think they realize. Its the reason I stopped working in the restaurant business.

6. Try to remember what you ordered…

I hate when as a food runner i’m holding very hot plates and the family of five has no idea what they ordered as i repeat “derp burger” four times. Meanwhile my flesh is burning away.

7. Basic human courtesy.

Basically acknowledge that we’re human beings too. Basic human courtesy and such goes a long way. No snapping your fingers at us for service, and a thankyou when we bring your food or clear a plate; small things go a long way with your waiter/waitress/server. Yes our job is to serve you, but that doesn’t make us second class citizens.

8. If you’re not ready to order, it’s OK! Just tell us.

Not the worst, but: If you’re not ready to order, fucking tell me you’re not ready. Don’t make me stand there for 5 minutes while you pretend that you’re just a second away from making a decision.

9. Understand that we really want to please you.

When people don’t understand that I genuinely want to please them. It’s very frustrating to be carrying a tray larger than I am full of food and having a customer stop me to ask about when they’ll be getting their glass of wine. I’ll get to you As. Soon. As. I. Possibly. Can. It is my job after all, and I sincerely want to do it well.

10. It would be helpful if you were mindful of when we’re busy.

As a waitress, I love to spend time with my customers and get to know them. However, on really busy days where you can obviously tell that I’m supposed to be 10 places at once, please DON’T waste my time. There is nothing worse than when i go to a table to take an order and everybody is half-assedly trying to tell me what they want but they’re still discussing it and won’t let me leave the table, while the chef is yelling my name because i have to run food and I can’t leave the table until I get the other half of your indecisive ass’s order. Either tell me you’re not ready to order yet or tell me what you want.

11. Even if you’re a regular, we still have our jobs to do.

I work in a pub. Please understand, even if you’re a regular and talk to me, I still have to work. If I stop our conversation to do my fucking job, it’s not to insult you or because I don’t like you – but sometimes I have to prepare something in the kitchen or clean some tables.

Another thing is: Nope, I haven’t tasted every little thing on the menue. We, for example, have 350 different whisk(e)ys. I know my shit and can help you. But if you just point at a random drink in the menu and expect me to tell you what it tastes like, if I liked it and what’s so special about it – that’s not gonna work. I’m a 21 year old bartender, not a rich alcoholic.

12. Take your used insulin needle with you when you leave, please.

I understand people are diabetic, but if you need to take your insulin, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR USED NEEDLE ON YOUR PLATE!

Waitresses can get pricked! Bussers can get pricked! It can end up in the bus tubs and the dishwasher can get pricked!

Take your fucking needles with you!

13. Please keep an eye on your kids.

I’m no waiter, but once I saw this little girl running unattended through the restaurant and ran into a waiter who got knocked back and dropped the glasses he was carrying. This, of course, scared the kid, so she ran back to her mom crying. The part that pissed me off the most was how the mom comes over and starts yelling at the waiter who had done nothing wrong. I felt really bad for the waiter…

14. Only use high chairs as intended!

Parents, don’t turn a wooden high chair upside down and try to set a car seat in it.

Waitstaff don’t try to tell parents that it’s okay to turn high chairs upside down for infant seats.

Sincerely,- guy who has seen a kicked baby slide down an aisle

15. While we appreciate the gesture, you don’t need to help us clean up the table.

Don’t stuff all your garbage/paper/leftover food into your drinking glass to “help” clean the table when you’re finished. First of all, most bussing staff have a pretty good strategy/method for cleaning tables that is very efficient, and secondly, now I have to pull your shit out of a wet cup.

16. Please don’t impose your “I’m in a hurry” on us.

Just because you are in a hurry does not mean we are going to go about our job in a different way to serve you at lightning speed. If feasible, we may try to help you get out the door quickly (hell, we want everyone to get out as quickly as possible anyway), but we aren’t going to sacrifice the quality of our service to you or any of our other customers because you failed to plan your meal at a time that benefits your busy schedule.

17. Please don’t make us get crackers for your kids…

Haven’t waited tables in a long time, but I would always grudgingly go fetch crackers for the toddlers at my tables when the parents asked for them. Next thing you know, parents allow said toddler(s) to make a god awful cracker crumb mess for me to clean up. Plus, many don’t tend to tip accordingly after having good service and leaving a cracker explosion.

18. Please get off your cell phone when you’re ordering.

Talking on your cell and pointing at the goddamn menu to place an order?

Go fuck yourself.

19. If the restaurant has closed, please leave…

I just got off my closing shift at the restaurant I work at. I should have been home an hour and half ago, but my last table REFUSED to leave. Our restaurant “closes” at midnight, but policy requires us to allow any patrons still in the restaurant to stay until they choose to leave. My guests got there at 10 pm, cashed out and gave me my tip by 11 pm, and stayed until 20 MINUTES AGO!!! Them sitting there caused my manager, the bartender, and I to sit around waiting for them until 2 in the morning. If the restaurant is “closed” and you are done eating, THEN LEAVE! Don’t prevent others from going home to be with their families/ getting sleep!!!! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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