29 People Reveal The Sexiest Things The Opposite Sex Does Without Realizing It

Someone asked Reddit about the sexy things people do without realizing it. Here are a few of the best responses.

1. imaginary_me

When guys roll up the sleeves of their dress shirts.

2. ghostsinpants

sleepy voices, what is that sorcery D:

3. Dont_Blame_The_Goose

When guys have their back to you and then their shoulder blades move.

Its even sexier in a suit.

4. apple_crumble1

When a guy laughs spontaneously, openly, unself-consciously. There’s something beautiful about that instant face-cracking grin, in so fearlessly showing amusement or just keen enjoyment of the moment.

5. Spunk-Nugget

Looking into your eyes during conversation. If I perfectly lock eyes with a girl, I completely forget how to English.

6. Sotongball21

When girls are tying a bun or a pony tail, arching their back and then the shirt moves up a little. Mm.

7. AlienJunkie

When a woman gets up onto the tips of hers toes to reach for something, even when it’s not completely necessary

8. dont_be_a_coconut

When guys concentrate really hard on something, especially like a math problem. And even better is when they make that low slight growling noise if it’s especially challenging, mmmmmmm……

9. xubax

Not the sexiest, but the most oblivious. Standing next to me to show me something and bumping their boob into my elbow and leaving it there.

Yes, sadly I know they weren’t flirting/hitting on me, just apparently oblivious.

10. Solsed

Taking off their ties. Mphf. I don’t even know what it is about it.. but dayum.

11. fullbringer

When guys run their hands through their hair :)

12. RainbowBlitzX

When they pull up their pants and they shake their hips a little. It’s only good when they’re wearing tight pants though.

13. Fidget6

When a guy stretches and his shirt rides up so a little bit of his belly shows.

14. guldfiskn222

Tinker with a car. Heck, just popping the hood and staring at it. Because of this, I get really uncomfortable when my male friends want to show off their car engine, or try to fix it…

15. esskay1711

When a woman does a nervous, shy or coy smile and blushes, that is one of the sexiest things ever.


When girls stand so that they sort of lean on their hip and stick it out to the side a bit, I don’t know what it is, but that’s always been sexy for me.

17. Zenthehunter

When a girl is wearing your shirt or t-shirt… Or walking bare foot…daaamn thats sexy…

18. Andromeda321

When a guy dresses up in a suit or uniform. Holy crap men, if you knew how much more sexy women find you you are when you don’t just roll out of bed and pull on whatever’s lying on the floor you would do it WAY more often.

19. TrouserNagini

When a woman has a genuine, natural smile and I can tell they are actually enjoying my company. hmf.

20. lucdespo

Messy Hair

21. Blacky31

I find pajamas extremely sexy.

22. queentracijean

Dudes make total sex face whilst playing video games! Goofy and sexy.

23. Halfchub92

Women: 1. Put their hair up or down. Not sure why but always fascinating to watch. 2. Randomly start singing. Nothing like a girl with a beautiful voice 3. When they just look up and stare into your eyes when you’re talking to them. Drives me wild inside.

24. wrecklessoptimism

Grow Beards.

25. Hisenberg5343

Wear glasses

26. IAmHere_

A genuine smile is always what gets me! When she looks at you and her eyes glisten and her smile is just so real that it lights up the room and simply makes everyone around her happy. Also the fact that she’s your best friends sister and you can never have her. :(

27. knoekie

I love when my bf only wears jeans and is still looking for a shirt.. For me, just leave it like that.. no shirts ever!

28. jaemann

When a man treats me completely normally… like I’m a person and not a girl.

29. rearless

Whenever I do work around the house, my wife gets horny. She calls it “choreplay.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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