Texter And Wrong Number Rekindle Flame On Election Night 4 Years Later

When Obama was elected four years ago, Renée Krulich, a staff member of Seattle-based alt-weekly The Stranger, received an accidental text from a stranger. The exchange turned out to be a serendipitous moment of triumph and random connection between the two — both proud of their country on that historic moment.

Krulrich decided the save the text. “It became the oldest thing on my phone and sort of a great story to tell people and show them. To me it summed up the spirit of the elections that year. Strangers/citizens coming together and voting with conviction and rising up to celebrate that win,” she told The Stranger.

This Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning, Krulich successfully reconnected with the texter to celebrate another victory. Check out all the texts over at The Stranger. TC mark


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