Four Stories: Intel, W Hotels & Roman Coppola Make Short Films, Vol. 2


Four Stories is a collaboration between Intel and W Hotels, created to identify and support rising visionaries in filmmaking. Four winners were chosen from almost 1000 submissions, vetted by a panel of entertainment industry insiders and filmmakers. Roman Coppola and his production company, The Directors Bureau, matched the winning screenplays with up-and-coming directors and actors, while W Hotels provided some of their most exotic locations for shooting. Starring in each winning short is an Ultrabook, a new category of computing devices powered by Intel.

This film, about a socially-challenged vacationer in Mexico city striking a friendship with one of the country’s best-known luchadores, was chosen by Roman Coppola because of “the graphic quality” that, through being “almost like a silent film” allowed “the story to be told visually.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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