27 Pet Owners Reveal The Dumbest Thing Their Pets Have Ever Done

image - Flickr / Christina VanMeter
image – Flickr / Christina VanMeter

Found on r/AskReddit. And thanks to all who gave permission to republish their comments!

1. Charged at the kitten in the mirror.


2. Sniff my others dogs butt while it was peeing and got pee on the face.


3. Barfed and then ate it. Yes I own a cat.


4. Took my pup to a buddy’s house and went fishing off of the dock. The pup thought that the lily pads were grass and he could walk on it. Not so much.


5. My cat liked to catch bees. Being a cat, she also liked to bring me her “kills”.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to your cat dropping a pissed-off injured bee on your face.


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