27 People Reveal The Laziest Thing They’ve Ever Done


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1. There’s an amazing Chinese takeaway place a minutes walk (if that) from my house and I often pay for deliveries. I can’t look the delivery dude in the eye.


2. I used to live directly across the street from a pizza place. At a cross walk.

I would still order delivery rather than walk across the street to get it.

The guy wouldn’t even get in his car most times. I could watch him walk across from my living room.

I’m actually fairly fit. Just didn’t want to put on outdoor clothes.

Yes I tipped decently.

When it would be raining, he’d drive.


3. Rotate the batteries twice in the remote. Still wont work, watch Golden Girls marathon.


4. Sometimes, when I’m really hungry, I’ll just take a nap because it’s easier than making food.


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