25 Incredibly Terrifying Urban Legends People Still Believe In

19. I heard this one where at some point in your life you get fat and bald, I have seen it first hand and it terrifies me.


20. The Michigan Dogman.

Basically, a half dog half man that roams Northern Michigan. There are loads of stories from the past 130 years about it, and since there are no wolves in the Lower Peninsula it would be hard to explain it away.


21. My dad grew up in Karachi in Pakistan. He used to tell me the story of the backwards feet lady. She would walk in the middle of the night. Her feet were basically facing in the wrong direction. My dad and his friend were working the graveyard shift and they were driving home. My dad saw this lady walking alone on the side of the road and her saw her. My dad’s friend said to give her a ride because it wasn’t common for ladies to ever walk alone. So he stopped and asked her if she needed a lift. He got out of the car and saw she had backwards feet. He tried to get back in the car and drive away but she was right next to him and scratched his forehead. He nearly got his head cut off. Used to scare the shit out of me.



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