20 People Describe Terrifying Places You Definitely Don’t Want To Get Lost In

image - Flickr / R.I. Pienaar
image – Flickr / R.I. Pienaar

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1. An underwater cave. The thought of desperately trying to find away out and in the dark while your air supply slowly runs out terrifies me


2. In a jungle, with a map of a different jungle.


3. Anywhere if your phone is at 10%…


4. Space.


5. Before it was torn down, I would have said Kowloon Walled City.


6. Corn maze…if you dont make it out in time they plow you over…


7. The Mojave desert.


8. I hear if you get lost in the supermarket, you can no longer shop happily.


9. In the middle of ISIS-controlled territory wearing a shirt fashioned out of an American flag.


10. Your own mind.


11. In the eyes of an unrequited love or Boston I swear they whoever designed that city had some rare disorder that affected map making and no hands.


12. East St. Louis.

Right across the river from St. Louis.
Once a prosperous city with plenty of industry, now a shell of a once great place.

One of the highest crime rates per capita in the united States.

Its a damn shame.


13. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, apparently.


14. Probably on an unknown island in the Pacific that moves unpredictably through time and space, and is also apparently a metaphor for purgatory.


15. Ikea.


16. Suicide Forest [Aokigahara].


17. An airport. Why, you ask? Let’s say you’re taking a plane to another country, and you have to make a connecting flight. You have a 2 hour layover in Japan, since you’re traveling from Texas to Singapore, so you decide to go eat some McDonalds. McDonalds is from your motherland, and you’re homesick. You want a fucking big Mac to try and feel better about the fact that whatever prostitutes there are in Singapore won’t look at you because you’re too ugly.

So you go and get that big Mac. You thank the serving girl in Japanese and she gives you a weird look for bringing out your weeaboo. You try not to turn beet red as you go and sit down, and you drown your sorrows in that burger. You eat every last scrap, including the large fries that you bought because you’re a fat fuck who just wants to feel again. As you finish your diet coke, it suddenly hits you why you don’t eat McDonalds at home: you have to shit. You have to shit badly.

The only problem is that there’s no washroom close to you. It’s clearly designated by some signs that are mostly in Japanese, so you decide to follow them. You pick up your carry on bag, and start walking. It surprises you how long a walk it is to the porcelain throne, and your asshole starts to clench with each step. You need relief, and quickly.

The sign says that you’re there: you’ve made it. The end is in sight, and the end is both white and brown. You almost jump for joy; almost. You suddenly notice that you’ve found the quarantine area, where there are a bunch of coughing tourists and businessmen. As you stand there defeated, one of the men coughs on you, a spray coming out of his mouth. You cringe, and run away before the security guard notices you. You’re on the verge of tears.

You’ve turned down the wrong hallway and are lost. None of the signs are in English, because there are no signs; only a twisting hallway. You can’t take it anymore, and you shit your pants. You break down crying as you look at your watch, noticing that you’ve missed your connecting flight. It’s been over 2 and a half hours since eating McDonalds. You start to cough.

3 weeks later, your body is found in an access tunnel that nobody uses, soiled and in the fetal position. It’s discovered that you didn’t die of starvation, but of Ebola that you got from an infected tourist.


18. Odessa Catacombs (small portion of the entire thing). A girl got lost there after a New Years party, and they found her like this (NSFW) 2 years later. Imagine walking endless corridors in darkness without any light, feeling your legs fall out under you from exhaustion and thirst, your chins wet from your tears, your voice dry from shouting into the endless darkness with no response back, hell doesn’t even come close to describing it…


19. Scariest place I ever got lost – backcountry snowboarding in northern canada. we had a massive blizzard, and while we weren’t all that far from the resort, holy shit – wolves were howling, I couldn’t take a step without sinking to my chest in powder (early season/no base). The sun was down. I had went with friends, but lost them almost immediately, and you can’t hear shit if all the trees are covered with snow – it makes for a great insulator. Yelling was a complete waste of energy, and energy was becoming incredibly important as every step required digging myself out of the very deep snow.

I was very close to building a small refuge and starting a fire for the night, but decided it would be shitty to be famous for requiring search and rescue when I felt like I was relatively close to the resort. I’m smarter for it – I don’t go without a spot, plenty of water, a few energy bars, and a windproof lighter and paper. I’m sure to alert the liftee that I’m going for a hike and when I plan to be back, and I go early in the day now. Still remember that sinking feeling of “I’m fucked hard” though, even now, 6 or 7 years later.


20. In the middle of nowhere in Japan in January (one of the coldest months in Japan).

On the second night in Japan for my study abroad program, I went out to eat with some newly made friends (dorm mates). In the middle of the dinner, my bf called me and decided to break up with me. Devastated and not in the mood to continue my night with people, I decided to head back to the dorm. I got on the wrong bus and happens to be the last one of the evening. It took me up to the mountains. I didn’t realize I was in middle of nowhere until 30 minutes later.

I got off the bus and decided to retrace my way back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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