21 People Reveal What They Totally Hate Seeing Other People Do In Restaurants

image - Flickr / Thomas Hawk
image – Flickr / Thomas Hawk

Found on r/AskReddit.

1. When they are flopping around aggressively in a booth, whose seatback is shared by another booth, especially when that other booth is occupied by me.


2. People who carry on conversations at the table while the waiter is waiting to take their order, when they literally just grabbed his shirt to stop him from walking by because they were ready to order. Yeah, this happened to me and I was pissed. One of the most incredibly rude tables I’ve ever dealt with. Every table in my section complained about them.


3. Send food back because it’s too warm. Just wait two fuckin minutes.


4. I’ve been at a restaurant with my husband when a family, (including a toddler) walked in, sat down and placed a child’s potty right next to their table.


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