19 Americans Talk About The One Thing That Foreigners Would Be Shocked To Learn About The United States

15. Samantha Rae

Everyone is very unique from each other. Everyone is can find a common ground of similarness.

All of our dishes are adaptations of immigrant heritage. This means the best of every countries flavor or traditions with a modern twist.

Most modern households have one parent or a stepparent. This means many children have two houses or not blood siblings.

We don’t stare at tourist like most countries because you look like everyone else.

We have a justice system that doesn’t have any consistency except for not treating everyone fair. If you are a bank, you get bailouts , if you are detroit you get screwed.

Public education has cops or guards in schools that will electric taze a child to the back for saying a “curse word”. I have witnessed it.

We have very little book stores but great libraries.


Most houses have at least two TVs

So many different things. What exactly do people think america is like? We are not sure what the world thinks of us. Half thinks you want to be like us and half think you would kill and rape us. Lol I think you get as much propaganda fed to you as us.

16. Edward Lee

Took some friends (who came from Australia, Croatia, and Switzerland) to lunch and it was so shocking to them that we have to tip.

17. Joel V Benjamin

Not all Americans work for the CIA.

So few Americans vote to elect the politicians that will so greatly influence their lives, and so many of those that do vote have so little understanding of the consequences of their vote.


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