19 Americans Talk About The One Thing That Foreigners Would Be Shocked To Learn About The United States

10. Fajrian Yunus

I went to USA last year for holiday.

The popularity of American dream, and perhaps the fact that some people watch American movies too much, make people think that USA is the land where every dream comes true. USA status as superpower makes people think that USA is immensely rich and the road is paved with gold (well, that exaggeration).

The fact is not so rosy. It’s not difficult to find sign of poverty in USA. Walk around during midnight, you will see homeless people sleeping in public place (park, sidewalk, train, etc). What is the most shocking to me is that, at that time I walked around Washington DC during midnight, and I saw a group of homeless people sleeping in a park and nearby sidewalk, within walking distance from the White House and US Capitol. Yes, within walking distance from the imperial palace. The fact is that, while it’s true that USA is immensely rich, but the society is unequal. Thus, the poverty sign.

Another thing which surprises me is that, while worldwide famous cities like New York or Chicago have good public transportation infrastructure, most of USA does not. Even when regular bus service exists, its frequency might be terrible (such as once an hour or so). As such, personal cars are necessity. So I realized then, why USA panics when troubles are brewing in Middle East.

Another thing which surprises me is that, there are many people in USA who can’t speak English well. Apparently many migrants live in their own community and don’t interact much with outsider, thus their limited English proficiency.

11. Anne Comfort

  • We throw in the garbage each year the amount of food that would feed the world twice over.
  • Most kids sleep in their own rooms and live with one parent.
  • An American from the West Coast often has a hard time understanding a fellow American from the East Coast when they speak simply because of the differences in American accents.
  • “Hey man” can be said to a woman or a man.
  • Even the poorest people own cars and a television or computer.
  • Everyone has a flushing toilet.
  • Traffic is conducted in a well organized and civil manner.
  • Many Americans enjoy growing their own vegetables.
  • There are Americans that are ashamed of their own culture. (some not many)
  • People can be seen pushing a stroller down the street and it contains their pet cat or dog. ( the stroller is designed for pets).
  • There are huge…VAST amounts of land in the U.S. that are not developed.
  • Most Americans are born, live and die within the same state.


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