19 Americans Talk About The One Thing That Foreigners Would Be Shocked To Learn About The United States

7. Beth Hutton

The outside world would be shocked to learn that we Americans are boring, honorable and modest for the most part, just like they are. We care about the same things they do: equal opportunity and security for all and most especially for our friends and family.

Some few among us are set on a course of self-aggrandizement and a wicked accumulation of wealth at the expense of others. Such is our image, but the overwhelming majority are not thus. Most of us would be of humble service to our communities and live under G0d.

8. Burke Miller

  • This goes for British folks in particular. People from the US Southeast are NOT cowboys.
  • It’s funny how many times I’ve heard this. It’s probably just a geographical misconception. Maybe thinking that the South is homogenous?
    Anyway, the South is split roughly into two halves the Southwest and the Southeast (once you hit Texas you’re more or less in the Southwest).
  • We may be a lot of things in the Southeast, but cowboys are more of a southwestern US folk.

9. Darel Dumont

The United States to the world:

  • We are probably not completely responsible for your nation’s ills.
  • We haven’t been around long enough to have that big of an impact on the world.
  • We don’t like invading your country
  • We give our politicians hell when they do
  • Southern and New England culture are arguably the most developed

New York (State) & New Jersey & New England to Americans:

  • Generally, some people feel that this is a liberal/progressive paradise. Sorry. No. You’re wrong. Seriously. No. It’s not!
  • In national elections we vote moderate and in local elections we vote conservative. (a lot of the Democratic leadership in congress comes from our state, New Jersey, and New England)
  • New Englanders were the first to propose secession (beat you to the punch Confederacy(CSA) … ha!)
  • One of the original capitals of the U.S. while we were a confederation, New York City (Federal Hall)
  • New Jersey our younger brother (probably how they view us to) we have a very good relationship with them
  • You can hunt in New York State
  • Some parts of our state are walking distance to our Canadian cousins
  • New York and New Jersey will fight over the Statue of Liberty, because it’s on both of our borders
  • There are a vocal few that really don’t like southerners regardless of their politics

Long Island and Long Island and New York City:

  • Parts of New York city (Queens and Brooklyn) are on Long Island, but don’t tell that to the people of Nassau and Suffolk county they live on Long Island.
  • The Hamptons want to be their own county
  • Property taxes here are the worst
  • Staten Islanders want to leave the State
  • All New Yorkers agree Manhattan is New York City


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