17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

Case 16.

Flies. Big Black Flies. Flies from Hell. Like I’ve never seen before or since. Hundreds of them appeared within about 30 seconds in the bedroom (I was visiting a bed-ridden friend). We start killing them. I’m swinging something, don’t remember what, but these things are so thick each swing is smacking half a dozen or more. No open windows, I immediately close the doors so they don’t get to the rest of the house. They are buzzing VERY loudly, and swirling up to the skylight. I stop swinging and try to get a handle of what is happening. I take ten seconds to estimate their number. I’m thinking thousands, and there is no doubt there are hundreds. But here is the freaky creepy part: after about 5 minutes of this, they start decreasing in intensity and numbers. 30 seconds after that, they are GONE. This bedroom is sealed up and 500 flies have vanished, we found maybe 3 bodies. My one and only experience that I just cannot explain at all.

Case 17.

The string theory. If we use that idea to explain ghosts, being a rip in the space time continuum when at that exact moment a person from another dimension appears and merges into our own for us to witness, it is a lot more interesting/scary than the dead coming back to haunt us. If we want to give them the labels of ghost, because our mind can not quantify the belief, that is fine, but we have to be open to these possibilities. TC mark


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