17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

Case 14.

A few experiences.
Story 1: As teenagers I visited my best friend for a few days when she had to move away for a while. Having not seen each other for a while, we were staying up super late. I had my Ouija board with me, and rumor was the former tenant had been murdered. So it’s like 3am or later, and we’re getting tired and bored, not really asking the board serious questions anymore. Getting answers like “Yes. CA.” “Does CA stand for California?” “Yes. NA.” “Does NA stand for Nebraska?” When suddenly, “Yes. Tarnish a memory, tear my bones, carry my body.”
Me: “Uhh…did you spell that out, hon?” Friend: “No…did you?” Me: “No. So board, is the reason I’m not freaked out because of my “guardian angel” that I supposedly have?” Board: Yes. Friend: “Then what is it that I’m sensing?” Board: Dea–

And at that point she threw the piece away violently which made me scream which made her scream.

Story 2: I turned on my radio one night to make some noise while I got ready for bed since I was on edge. Went to brush my teeth and when I came back in the room the radio wasn’t playing. It was on, but no sound. I finally started hitting the volume button, and eventually began hearing noises that I have never heard before or since come from a radio. Slammed the off button and jumped into bed.

Story 3: My cousin in law calls my female family members The Coven. High high intuition runs in our family (often giving the impression we are psychic). One of my cousin’s kids has had tea with my dead grandfather, whom she has never met, and apparently pointed out details about him that no one ever told her. Same child started sobbing uncontrollably one night before bed insisting “Jeanie’s crying,” (my aunt). After unsuccessfully trying to calm her down, her mother calls my aunt to show the kid everything was fine, only to find out that my aunt had shut her hand in the oven and was, indeed, crying.

Same aunt had the dogs go wild at her house in the country one night, and as she stood out on the deck, she started hearing drum beats, calls like from Native Americans, and galloping horses. The sound came up from the valley and passed over the house.

I myself have experienced various premonitions, mostly minor in nature, like things that I saw and that actually happened a few seconds later.

Even with the frequency of weird situations in the family, I’m not necessarily a believer. I just grant the possibility that there’s something out there we can’t recreate or measure with instruments.

Case 15.

I was seven years old and my family was about to go on their weekly shopping trip. I was the last one out of the house (had to grab my Gameboy) and heard the most dark, demonic laughing I have ever heard to this day and booked it the fuck out of my house. I was afraid to be home alone for years. My fear of this house aroused again after I had moved away; my brother told me at night he heard furniture moving upstairs when nobody else was awake, in my old room nobody bothered going into anymore. He told me he played a playlist of Hank Williams to soothe the ghost’s soul.


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