17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

Case 6.

My Dad died of Stage 4 Alcoholism. I wasn’t there in the end, but everyone said how he suffered terribly in the last two days.

I was riding my bike on the first of those last two days far away from where he was. I saw a hobo walking on the wrong side of the bike trail, so I moved far left to give him space. When I looked at him, he smiled at me with these beautiful, blue, twinkling eyes, as if to say thank you for giving me space! and waved.

But it was more than that: Those eyes were my Dad’s eyes; that hobo was my Dad; I’m convinced he’d already left his body before the worst of his illness killed him. That wave to me was his wave goodbye.

Case 7.

I worked with a guy who was a twin. (I’ll call him “X”) One day, I see him at work, and he’s absolutely pale. I ask him what’s wrong, and he tells me he thinks he’s having an allergic reaction because if feels like his throat is swollen and he can’t breath. I tell him if he wants, I’ll take him to the hospital. He says “I might take you up on that. I feel like I’m going to pass out.” But after a bit, he’s feeling better, so we just go back to work. Next day, he’s off work. I ask a co-worker if X is sick, if he did have an allergic reaction. He says “No, X called in. X’s twin brother died yesterday.” And yes, before you ask, his twin brother had died of suffocation.

I don’t believe in the supernatural. But this was such an amazing coincidence, it really did put a shadow of doubt in my mind.

Case 8.

Once I went on vacation with my friend and her family, she has a large family so we had to share a pull out bed in the living room. We were up at night chatting, laughing and doing girly things you do at a sleepover when we decided to settle down and go to sleep. So we are laying there looking around getting comfortable when I happen to look at the dark hallway and see a silhouette of a man, but he was partially glowing around the edges of the silhouette. He was there for probably 30 seconds just standing there, then just like that it’s gone, I didn’t react but I was terrified, i didn’t say anything because maybe I was being dumb and making things up when I hear my friend whisper, ” did you see that man?” she called out for her uncle, he was upstairs in his room and he was the only man in the house at that time but he was sleeping, you can’t see any car lights going by the house because we were in the middle of the woods, so no chance of weird lighting. I was freaked out the rest of the vacation. There were a couple things that vacation that were really strange but that sticks out as the strangest.


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