16 People Talk About Truths That No One Really Wants To Admit

13. Jamie Scoverski

That the status quo concerning anything can actually be wrong.

14. Sabuj Chattopadhyay

There is not so much wrong with Mondays as probably with your own life.

15. Ankit Pat

That money does not materially exist. It’s a manifestation of belief, a representation of value.

Even if you want to perceive money as nothing but physical matter (notes and coins), not all money that’s present in the economic system today exists physically. Most of the money only exists electronically.

16. Dan Deceuster

That history repeats itself because all the people throughout history were people just the same as people today.

“Well XYZ from the past could never happen today, this is the 21st century!”

It can. And it will. [And it has]. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

These comments originally appeared at Quora.

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