15 People Reveal What They Find Offensive About American Culture

12. Claire Stahl

  1. The general lack of compassion for people in more unfortunate circumstances than them, whatever the cause.
  2. The supremacy of The Corporation over almost everything else. There are countless examples of this, but a few examples are treatment of the banks after the financial crisis, endless tax loopholes that permit some corporations to pay 0 tax on billions of dollars in profits, subsidies for oil companies who earn billions in profits.
  3. Although American Exceptionalism has been mentioned several times, I will add that it is made worse by willful ignorance of how the US compares to other countries in many areas surveyed by organizations such as OECD, UN, etc., as well as a lack of interest in how things are done elsewhere.
  4. Lastly, what I call “The Fishbowl”, which is the general lack of curiosity and/or ignorance of the world outside of the US. Unless there is an international event of exceptional importance, there is very little coverage of international news in much of the media. While clearly everyone is most concerned with news and events in their own country, the extent to which many are misinformed or poorly informed about anything outside the US is disheartening.

13. Daniel Tynan

This is not exclusive to the USA, but it is particularly prominent in USA. One of their greatest social taboos is criticizing the choice of people who serve in the army. Criticizing the military in general. No matter what your stance on a military operation you are expected to “support the troops.” If you are against the war but “support the troops,” to me that is hypocrisy. You will face extreme anger if you point that out. Even if you feel the troops are committing murder under a banner, you have to tow the line and support them.

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