28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

18. Major oops

I was at a wedding last year with my boyfriend at the time. I didn’t really know anyone, so I hung out with him most of the time. The night before the wedding, we had the rehearsal dinner followed by the last night out for the groom (an unofficial bachelor party). Included was the groom, his twin brother, his father that recently came back into his life, boyfriend, myself, another girl with her boyfriend, and about five or six other guys.

We went to a hole in the wall bar in a really secluded town. It was probably their equivalent of a nightclub, but it was really just a bar with a dance floor and a few pool tables. Everyone proceeded to get drunk. Towards the end of the night, another drunk guy decided to fight the grooms brother. Groom wasn’t having it and jumped into the fight. Security guards came and grabbed everyone involved and kick them out. Groom, his brother, and the guy who they fought all get arrested. This is about twelve hours before the wedding.

They were released about three hours later with a drunk in public. A mass text was sent out to tell everyone not to tell the bride. A girlfriend of one of the guys there was in the wedding party, so we knew that the bride was going got find out. Everyone kept it to themselves anyway.

Fast forward to the wedding. The couple decided to write their own vows, and bride goes first. The groom starts to day his vows but didn’t write anything down as he was just going to wing it. Groom is being pretty predictable,” I know I can rely on you to watch b rated horror movies or humor me on my jokes” and “you’ve been there for me through so much “Suddenly: “you’ve been there when I was deathly ill, when I’m being a moody bastard, and when I was arrested the night before our wedding.”

Brides face drops. Groom speech skips a beat. He assumed she already knew from the bridesmaid, but she had no idea.

19. So are you telling me open bars are a bad idea?

The father of the bride’s speech was an hour long. It was a drunken, rambling, incoherent mess. Several times people tried taking the mic away or take him off, but he’d get right back up. Apparently he does this at every wedding, but this was the worst.

At another wedding the mother of the bride’s speech was: “So, we’ve been told to keep the speeches short. So I just want to say that {bride} is a little shit!” and stumbled back to her table.

20. Damn

The officiant at my wedding (who had known us for years) called my husband James during the ceremony. His name is Andy. My dad is James.

21. What even

When my friend got married, she was more than an hour late to the rehearsal because of traffic. Her husband was Catholic, and they were getting married in a Catholic Church, but the priest wasn’t happy because she had just converted and he didn’t think it was right.

So during the wedding he made the entire 20 minute homily about how the bride had been late to the rehearsal and it was a big inconvenience for him, and how it shows that she’s not a very dependable person…

Thankfully her new husband and his family were just as confused and pissed as she was.


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