28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

15. Why…

I was officiating the second wedding of my friend’s parents and when it came time for them to read their vows the groom, thinking he was funny, started reading from the obituaries he had clipped from the paper. The bride was not pleased and it got real awkward for a second.

16. Terrible service

The officiant called the groom by the wrong name, and also made a joke about the fact that the bride and one of the groomsmen used to date. His service was just terrible too, long and rambling about Pocahontas and John Smith being high schoolers who worked at pizza hut, and the layout of his own bathroom. He didn’t even show up to rehearsal either, so the bride and groom were kind of blindsided.

17. MIL is crazy

Bride’s mom wanted to show off to her remarried ex-husband.

Bride and mom went dress shopping for mom, picked out a dress and bride had to leave early for an appointment. Mom put dress back and bought a just barely off white dress instead.

Mom showed off her control top underwear in front of the grandfather of the groom, a very conservative man.

Mom demanded that her and her 4 friends who neither the bride nor groom sit at the wedding party table. This was fixed by having a table for just the bride and groom and another for the wedding party.

Mom made a big show of giving a money tree sculpture thing to bride and groom with a bunch of 20’s on the branches. Found out after the oohing and aahing that this was money that was owed to them and not actually a wedding gift.

Day of the wedding, mom tried to kick the grandparents of the groom out of their seats at the church for her and her friends that nobody knew. Groom’s mom was having none of it.

One of the groomsmen got wasted the day of the wedding. Bride’s father, a cop, picked him up from the restaurant and threw him in the bed of the truck. Random citizen reported a kidnapping and gave plate number. Other cops show up just to find out what happened. Groom’s uncle ended up having to stand in for the wasted groomsman, luckily the suit fit him perfectly. The shoes, however, did not. Uncle kept his black cowboy boots on while everyone else had super shiny shoes.

Bride’s mom did not win over the affections of her ex. She did also not ruin the wedding because groom’s mom and sister kept on top of things. Bride’s mom is still crazy as fuck.


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